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Monday, October 12, 2009

Tory lead slashed by nearly a third

This won't be the main political headline tomorrow but maybe it should be: the net result of the conference season has, according to tonight's Populus poll, to make the next General Election competitive again.

The poll reads:

Con 40% (-1)
Lab 30% (+3)
LD 18% (unchanged)

i.e. very near to hung parliament territory.

Change is since mid-September.


Anonymous Arnold said...

Is it conicidental that the M.P.'s expenses saga has resurfaced barely days after 'Lord Gaga' fell flat on his face in Manchester? That speech was the most embarrassing uttered by a Tory leader since Iain Duncan-Smith's 'the quiet man is turning up the volume'. Disillusionment with Cameron has set in and will grow right up to Polling Day.

7:25 am, October 13, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yee Haa!

Arnold's not changed - still as delusional and weird as ever.

Why would anyone want this bunch of creeps in power anyway?

Quickly justify some of these Arnold you prick.

Smearing David Cameron with lies in the week his disabled son died. Nice.

Smearing David Kelly to such a degree he committed suicide leaving a wife without a husband, mother without a son and children without a father.

All this poor man did was tell the truth which Bliar didn't want to hear.

All Bliar wanted was to illegally kill and maim over 100000 people in an illegal war in Iraq.

You agree with that Arnold you little shit?

Baroness Scotland - Liar. Smith - Liar. Brown - Liar.

McNaulty, Milliband - the list of these disgusting liars goes on and on.

Harman - mega Toff.

Cooper and Balls thieves on expenses - do they really need £800/month of OUR money on food?

Darling flipped 5 houses - OUR money Arnold, not theirs.

Burnham - Liar.

Abbot, schools minister, sends her kids to private school. Hypocrite.

Prescott? hahahahahahahahaha

10p tax Arnold?

Gurkha's Arnold?

ID cards Arnold?

42 days Arnold?

35 seconds in Browns speech on Afganistan then he starts the smears against the defence chiefs who (rightly) don't want British troops getting their arms and legs blown off.

What you sycophantic prats who contribute to this blog (well done for keeping it open Luke) don't realise is the damage you do by not standing up to this lot.

Come the election the Tory lead will go nuclear.

Every UKIP kind of party and that kind of thing will go Tory just to get you shitbags out.

I cannot wait to see Smiths and Blears faces as the voters let them know what they really feel.

Since people like you Arnold don't complain about the behaviour of our 'Masters' I can only assume you agree with their behaviour.

Shame on you Arnold.

8:53 am, October 13, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a nutjob. Drinking this early?

Obviously no recollection either of any of the shit that went down before 97.

Or even since. So the Tories opposed the Iraq war did they? They're innocent in the expenses scandal are they?

My experience tells me the Labour Government is 100 times less bad than its Conservative predecessor.

Come the election the Tory lead won't go nuclear and the right may even fracture into several strands.

I want Smith to lose her seat, I even think she deserves it but ranting like a lunatic isn't going to deliver it.

10:55 am, October 13, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

'The shit that went down in 79' as you put it WASN'T GOVERNMENT POLICY eg ERM, Cash For Questions etc...just twats with their snouts in the trough as Tories always have been - but they don't claim to represent the working man, just themselves.

Bliar said Saddam had WMD pointing at Cyprus and 40 minutes before we could be hit - that's why the Tories voted for Iraq - blame Bliar's lies on Iraq.

Did you completely miss the David Kelly point or are you as stupid and dogmatic as that little prick Arnold?

Again typical New Liebour response from you - argue the man not the points.

Come on then justify killing 100000 innocent Iraq civilians?

You lot sucked up to Bush like poodles - I don't need to go back to 79 to see dishonest people shafting the country but the Tories are Tories - I expect it and I expected more from Liebour and so should you.

10p tax? Is that OK with you?

Not sending enough equipment for the troops you send into illegal wars just to satisfy your blood-lust - that's OK is it?

You do what all Liebour supporters do - ignore the elephants in the room and make completely irrelevant points but NEVER answer the bits you don't like.

And if you honestly believe this bunch of cretins - including that unelected dithering lying excuse of a man deserves re-election you REALLY are delusional.

£12416 to his brother without receipts for cleaning?

Are you fu**ing serious?

A two bedroomed flat? How clean was it? £12416???

Labour???... £12416???...

You should be ranting about that you back stabbing little shit...

12:31 pm, October 13, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown £12k for cleaning.
That was at a time when he had a first home provided by the taxpayer (10 Downing Street) and a second home provided by the taxpayer (Chequers). I do not understand how in that situation anyone could justify to themselves claiming ANY money for their housing costs.
Same with Jacko Smith. Grace and Favour apartment provided by the taxpayer. But no , that's not good enough. she wants to line her nest by pretending her sisters box cupboard is her primary residence. It's been proved she lied and set out to decieve. Let's hope benefit frauds and tax dodgers are now allowed to just say "sorry" and keep the money they wrongly got.
I should cocoa...

3:32 pm, October 13, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quality of comments on your blog also slashed judging by the above exchange - maybe you need to start moderating comments a la Iain Dale. A shame but you don't want to be a left wing Guido.

As for the polls, they're all over the place. It may be you didn't notice those at the weekend giving the Tories a 17% lead but I see you didn't blog on them....

8:19 pm, October 13, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the problem here is no one backs up there comments and for a disagreement not to be debated just shut down is wasting life. If you say "Lord Gaga fell flat in Manchester" when he clearly didn't and if he was flat then what was Browns speech - it must be frustrating. Argue points here but don't call black white and not expect a reaction.

We just don't do blogs on the left and as for this gaff being another Guido most people can only dream of such a thing. If you moderate then you just reduce freedom - who moderates the moderators?

9:30 pm, October 13, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hard to tell which anonymous is which. Or are they all the same one?

Whatever. They all seem pretty cross.

I'm a different anonymous, by the way. And I'm not cross. Just amused.

12:12 am, October 14, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm another anonymous, just passing through.

Reassuring to know that Luke is still crazy after all this time.

12:13 am, October 14, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should stop all these Anonymous posts, people should not hide themselves when making remark, as this is cowardice!

12:50 am, October 14, 2009

Anonymous Friend of Anonymous said...

Who is Lord Gaga?

8:40 am, October 14, 2009

Anonymous Dagenham Max said...

“Anonymous” on “Arnold”

“back stabbing little shit...”

Is there some personal history here? I think we should be told.

I suspect that "Lord Gaga" is the cousin of the 3rd Baronet Mount and MP for Witney or possibly the future 18th Baronet Osborne of Ballintaylor. Whoever it is it ain't Eric Pickles!

9:13 am, October 14, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I quite like that Pickles fat bugger - he seems alright!

10:12 am, October 14, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't knock the MP for Witney. The last one is now the Tory MP for St Helens and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

That must hurt. A lot.

7:22 pm, October 14, 2009

Anonymous Dagenham Max said...

Now there’s a bizarre thought; had Shaun Woodward not defected to Labour David Cameron might still be wandering the country looking for a constituency to represent.


10:04 pm, October 14, 2009

Anonymous Rich said...

I don't think the electorate want huge spending cuts...they want excellent value for money and world class services.

So I'm not shocked by the poll because many people relate the conservatives to cuts. The conservatives are so eager to talk about cuts but then moan when Labour actually start making cuts.

I think we can cut public expenditure but we can do it by making councils and government more efficient and by cutting back on the enormous amount of number crunching and high paid management.

PFI has been an enormous failure and is costing billions and delivering zero. Labour need to go back to basic tax payer funding and stop relying on the market to fund public services.

If we start sacking millions of public sector workers the result will be a huge recession. We can't afford to have unemployment any higher than it is so it makes sense to keep those in work working.

Selling off public assets is also short sighted and will only deliver small amounts of capital now. Assets deliver long term income...anyone in business knows this.

Labour need to prove to the electorate that they are different from the conservatives to stand any chance of winning. Telling the electorate that they should expect less services for the same money is not going to attract voters.

6:03 pm, October 15, 2009


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