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Tuesday, November 03, 2009


A couple of union-related links.

First off, UnionsTogether (the trade unions affiliated to Labour) are running a campaign against the Tory plan to introduce tougher requirements for strike ballots - Cameron is reported to want turnout thresholds implying that a majority of people eligible to vote would have to vote yes - not just those people actually taking part in the ballot. This is obviously designed to make it more difficult to take industrial action. You can sign up here: http://www.unionstogether.org.uk/page/s/fightback

Also my own union Unite has launched a great site about the implications of the General Election for trade union members: http://www.unite4labour.org/ This site uses the Obama campaign model of trade unionists canvassing fellow trade unionists: if you are a Unite member and a Labour Party member or supporter as well you can log in and canvass fellow union members for Labour.


Blogger Mark Still News said...

These Tories are behaving as if they are now in power!

If they get back in it will be far worse than New Labours attacks on the working classes!

Labour should be the vehicle for the left. Labour need a change of manifesto and bring back clause 4 and actually action it-What is so wrong about a worker receiving their full fruits if their Toil?

10:55 pm, November 03, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Do the LP still do a trade Union membership rate?


11:50 pm, November 03, 2009

Anonymous tim f said...

Hi Luke

Good resources. As I'm not a UNITE member I can't explore the TU-member to TU-member canvassing thing immediately. Is there an option available to pick particular marginal seats to campaign in?

10:46 am, November 04, 2009

Blogger rav said...


7:02 pm, November 04, 2009

Anonymous Rich said...

Very worrying and it is all so convenient. It makes me wonder whether there has been a grand plan by the global elite to slowly remove peoples right to protest and strike.

I would have expected a Labour government to have at least reversed some of the last conservative governments restrictions on trade union activity. But here we are about to have a conservative government with a record majority and a mandate that will give them the power to pass virtually anything.

11:07 pm, November 06, 2009

Blogger bathmate said...

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