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Thursday, November 05, 2009

The vanishing referendum

Click on -


oh dear – it’s vanished.

Luckily, you can look at a cached version here.


Anonymous John said...

It appears to have gone the way of Labour's campaign against Lib Dem plans to privatise the post office.

It's a facetious point though - it is no longer open to a UK Government to have a referendum on Lisbon, because there is nothing it could do in response to the outcome of that referendum.

3:28 pm, November 05, 2009

Anonymous Arnold said...

Is it true that Cameron will soon play the lead in a new Marvel superhero movie - 'Cast-Iron Man'?

Like John Major's 1992 pledge to cut taxes year on year, Cameron's promises means absolutely nothing.

6:09 pm, November 05, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here goes Arnold again - guaranteed to give everyone a laugh with his unique and childish remarks.

Arnold you just gotta be a Tory stooge you prat.

The only people at fault here are the NL scumbags that dragged us into this horrible mess in Europe.

Makes no difference though - Labour is doomed and rightly so.

The betrayal of the working classes in Britain by the likes of Burnham, Bliar, Brown and co is shameful but May 6th next year will be party time in the UK when they get rightly trounced!

7:30 pm, November 05, 2009

Anonymous Rich said...

The reality is that this treaty has been ratified because they knew a conservative government would have torn it up. Without the UK on board there would have been no treaty at all.

Whether you agree with the conservative stance on Europe or not the British people should have been allowed to vote on this matter as promised by Brown and Blair before the last election.

It is a betrayal of the largest magnitude that the people of this country were promised a vote and then denied that opportunity. Labour won an election based on the promise of a vote and then went back on this promise ....making this government null and void.

11:16 pm, November 06, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I struggle to think the Election will be about Europe... Labour can try all they like to make this about Cameron's broken promise, but the fact is that they broke their manifesto commitment too. At best a no score draw.

11:55 am, November 07, 2009

Blogger Steve Horgan said...

Luke, if your team want to make Europe an election issue than I think that the Conservatives are up for it. I would compare the policies and track record very carefully before you went down that road though. I wouldn't want to be a Labour candidate arguing on the doorstep why Gordon Brown ditched British people's referendum on Lisbon or why the Conservative's proposed Sovereignty bill is such a bad thing. In fact, I haven't heard any coherent argument from Labour against the latter at all. What is the current line? Do tell?

10:05 pm, November 07, 2009


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