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Friday, December 04, 2009

Council by-elections

Two by-elections yesterday:

Ormesby Ward, Redcar & Cleveland UA. LD hold. LD 1084 (73.5%, +12.4), Lab 210 (14.2%, -5.1), UKIP 103 (7.0%, +7), Con 77 (5.2%, -14.4). Swing of 8.8% from Lab to LD since 2007.

Dane Valley Ward, Thanet DC. Lab gain from Con. Lab 318 (34.2%, -3.9), LD 260 (28.0%, +28), Con 222 (23.9%, -19.7), Ind 130 (14.0%, -4.3). Swing of 16%from Lab to LD since 2007.


Blogger David Boothroyd said...

Dane Valley ward is in North Thanet and stays in North Thanet under the boundary changes. Although oddly the wards to the north of it - Cliftonville East and Cliftonville West - are transferred from North Thanet to South Thanet as of the next general election.

5:12 pm, December 04, 2009

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Oops thanks for the correction David, I will delete that from the original post.

5:59 pm, December 04, 2009


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