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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tory lead falls 4%

A ComRes poll coming out tomorrow says:

Con 38% (-4%)
Lab 29% (n/c)
LD 19% (n/c)

This exactly wipes out the Tory gain in the last ComRes poll and puts them back where they were in December. This kind of result produces a hung parliament.

I spent today at the Labour First Annual Meeting at the Brandhall Labour Club in Warley, listening to Ed Miliband speak. He gave a good performance with an emphasis on the need to restructure the economy towards manufacturing which obviously went down well with an audience with a good proportion of West Midlands members and trade unionists in it. The mood of the meeting didn't suggest a Party that is anything other than up for the fight in the General Election - borne out by another poll today from ICM which while it shows the Tories getting a good swing to them in marginal seats also says that almost as many marginal seat voters have experienced local Labour campaigning in their area as have Tory contact i.e. all the millions Ashcroft is spending on Tory posters, mailshots and phonebanks are reaching roughly the same percentage of voters as Labour's cash-strapped campaign, which is primarily reliant on the enthusiasm and dedication of volunteer canvassers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Commisioned by the Daily Mirror I bet

9:09 pm, January 23, 2010

Anonymous bloodandproperty said...

But what about Jonathan Baum? According to the Guardian he said "Some ministers have clearly given up the fight and are focusing on what happens after the election. It's a very strange atmosphere."

Do you believe him? Does it matter?

Could he have an alterior motive? His wikipedia page says he USED to be a member of the International Marxist Group but NOW is a member of things like Campaign for the Protection of Rural England. I don't know anything about him.

1:04 am, January 24, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is disgusting that a non dom Peer, Lord Ashcroft, is effectively Conservative policy and creating an unfair advantage by pumping money into marginal seats to fund Tory candidates. So much for honest 'look me in the eye Dave' you are a total hypocrite and a charlatan unfit for any high office.

11:44 pm, January 24, 2010

Blogger Newmania said...

Yes and the £250 million of tax payers money stolen for bigging up New Labour and the catastrophic National debt created only to stave off the consequences of misrule until after the election.
Poor poor you and its not as if Blair did not have bigger donors than Ashcroft.many of them for "Noble" motives .You are implying that rich people only support the Conservative Party.
Hardly , they just don`t do losers . Sainsbury Mittall ...no problem with them and what about openly selling policy to the Unions a 20% public Sector interest group as well as funding their donatioin with a modernisation grant . The corruption is so appalling we hardly see it

Furthermore the marginal Poll still has New Labour on for an end to its largely gerrymandered period of power. We shall see but I am far from certain New Labour want to win this election anyway

7:24 am, January 25, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:39 pm, January 25, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:47 pm, January 25, 2010

Anonymous James said...

First of all although this is slightly off-topic I would like to say that I have had a MASSIVE political conversion in the last month. Some of it was down to reading this site, most of it was through visiting various pro (yes pro)-BNP/UKIP sites. Please don't judge me negatively for what I am about to reveal.

It is imperative that every force in the land opposes the BNP and UKIP. Seriously, I mean this. I was pretty much open-minded to the fact that BNP was going to admit ethnic minorities and that UKIP seems to take a libertarian stance. Hell, I was even voicing my support for BNP at one point as a progressive democratic organisation. How wrong I was. There is nothing nice about the people in these organisations. Zilch.

I have found both UKIP and BNP to be racist and vile organisations that should be stopped. I never thought I would hear myself say that. But it is true. They are vile, despicable organisations that promote hate and intolerance, and stifle any opposition whenever possible. Some BNPers actually use signatures that glorify the words used on the gates of Auschwitz. Some promote the idea of shooting muslims and opposing factions.

So, if I have posted anything untoward on this site within the last three months or so I apologise. I was wrong. Just like the millions of people that were taken in by these parasitic organisations, I was taken in.

In passing I do enjoy reading your blog.

8:51 pm, January 26, 2010

Anonymous Rich said...

The polls are very confusing at the moment. The election is going to be very interesting and will probably shock all of us.

Nothing wrong with the BNP or UKIP or any other party....they are political movements. They will remain a powerful lobby for common sense of immigration and european issues.

If the latest poll is correct then cameron will only have a 1 seat majority. In this situation the most sensible vote will be Lib Dem as we will then get electoral reform....another promise denied by Blair and Brown.

11:10 pm, January 26, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think it's right that a 9% Tory lead "produces a hung Parliament", whereas a 3% Labour lead produces a majority of 66?

10:36 am, January 30, 2010


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