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Friday, February 05, 2010

Council by-election results

This week's results (one of them had a Tuesday rather than Thursday polling day):

Queen's Park ward, Blackburn with Darwen UA. Lab gain from LD. Lab 638 (54.2%, +3), LD 366 (31.1%, -17.8), Con 174 (14.8%, +14.8). Swing of 10.4% from LD to Lab since 2008.

Holmewood and Heath Ward, NE Derbyshire DC. Lab gain from LD. Lab 373 (64%, +24.6), Con 209 (36%, +17.7). Swing of 3.5% from Con to Lab since 2008 by-election.

Newchapel Ward, Newcastle-under-Lyme BC. Con hold. Con 204 (33.1%, -11), UKIP 148 (24%,+10.5), Lab 138 (22.4%, +0.1), LD 127 (20.6%, +1.5). Swing of 10.75% from Con to UKIP since 2008.

Whyteleafe Ward, Tandridge DC. LD hold. LD 444 (57%, +3.1), Con 236 (30.3%, -11.2), UKIP 99 (12.7%, +12.7). Swing of 7.2% from Con to LD since 2008.


Anonymous T_i_B said...

I can't believe you've missed out the Dronfield South by election Luke! Shocking.

3:58 pm, February 05, 2010

Blogger Red Rag said...

The Tories lost the seat in Dronfield as well. Hope this is a sign of things to come.

7:03 pm, February 05, 2010

Blogger David Boothroyd said...

Queen's Park, Blackburn is not a Labour hold, but a gain from an Independent elected as a Liberal Democrat. The seat that was up was that of Yusuf Sidat who was last elected in 2007.

7:54 pm, February 05, 2010

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Thanks David, have corrected that.

I don't report parish and town council results hence no mention of Dronfield.

8:30 pm, February 05, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOu will find all details here :-


It is worth bookmarking.


11:09 am, February 06, 2010

Blogger Duncan Hall said...

Interesting results. I suppose we have to look at them in the context of the fact that 2008 was something of a high-water-mark for the Tories in local elections. But you would have to conclude that provincial England was not especially enamoured of Mr. Cameron's Tory party right now. Traditional tories appear to have found UKIP an alternative (although they may vote differently in a General) and some 'liberal left' types appear to be returning in Labour-ward direction as the General approaches (though the Chilcott Inquiry could theoretically be reminding them why they went in a non-Labour-ward direction in the first place...)

However, overall you would have to say discouraging for Tories...

8:57 am, February 08, 2010

Anonymous T_i_B said...

Red Rag, the reason why the Tories lost in Dronfield was that a Tory councillor was kicked off the council for non-attendance, which may well have tipped the balance against the Tories, who lost by 13 votes.

Said Councillor was also Tory PPC for Sheffield Hallam but he's been replaced in that role as well.

8:16 am, February 09, 2010


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