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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good news for Labour

Pleasing reading this morning, after attending a fired-up meeting of Hackney's Labour council candidates and organisers yesterday.

Three polls:

You Gov is the most dramatic - smallest Tory lead for 14 months:

CON 39% (nc)
LAB 33% (+1)
LD 17% (-1)

A 3% shift in 48 hours. At this rate of improvement we will overtake the Tories by Tuesday this week.

ComRes shows the same pattern:

CON 38% (-2)
LAB 30% (+1)
LD 20% (-1)

PoliticsHome tracker poll says the following according to them:

"Analysis of tracker data since the party conference season reveals that:

Cameron's lead over Brown in performance ratings has halved since September
The image of the Conservative party has also deteriorated in several key areas since September, while Labour's has improved
Cameron’s leadership performance ratings have fallen at a faster rate than the Conservative party image and the party’s lead in the polls

Voters are asked on a weekly basis to say whether they think that the party leaders are doing a good job or a bad job. The percentage thinking a leader is doing a bad job are then subtracted from the percentage thinking he is doing a good job to give a net performance rating. Since mid September, Cameron's performance rating has fallen from +36 to +12, while Brown's has risen from -55 to -33. The gap has thus halved from 91 to 45.

At the same time, the image of the Conservative party has deteriorated in key areas, while Labour's image has improved."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're doing a Gordon. Head up arse; ignore everything else.

PB's Angus Reid poll, concentrating on the key marginals, puts the Tories well ahead.

National polls are masking this trend.

And on a personal note, could anyone think of any reason at all why the talentless bully could ever be seen as anything other than a talentless bully. No I don't think so.

1:07 pm, February 21, 2010

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

The Mirror article I linked to recently suggests that any flaws in Gordon's character pale into insignificance compared to the experience people had of working with Cameron when he was at Carlton.

My only personal contact with the PM has been a letter he sent me when I was in hospital, written in the middle of the crisis around his leadership last year. It was thoughtful, caring and must have taken quite a while to compose for a very busy and stressed man. I can only comment on that limited personal experience of Gordon's character because I've never been proximate enough to No10 to experience the allegations made about his temper.

On the Angus Reid poll I agree that all the data shows the Tories doing better in the marginals that nationally. But that poll is now out of date and some of the movement to Labour in the last few YouGov polls will also have tightened the Tory lead in the marginals. The direction of travel is all towards Labour the more people study what a Cameron government would actually mean for their jobs and public services. One of the side effects of my current recovery from illness is I get to talk to a lot of frontline NHS staff. They are all worried about what a Tory government will mean for them personally and for the services they deliver.

1:21 pm, February 21, 2010

Anonymous Arnold said...

'Head up arse'

Anonymous, you're talking out of yours.

1:38 pm, February 21, 2010

Blogger Hughes Views said...

Canvassing, as I do, in a marginal seat, I'd said that the pendulum of public opinion is clearly moving back to us. More people are seeing through the PR mask to the true blue eyes of David Cameron. Fewer people are buying the Tory press's "they're all the same" cynicism spin.

The victory is still ours to take...

2:21 pm, February 21, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

By 'victory' you probably mean a hung Parliament. If that's the best you can hope for after sitting on a majority of 60+ for five years it's hardly cause for jubilation.

5:30 pm, February 21, 2010

Anonymous Dirty Euro said...

Why are labour supporters to supposed to answer for the behavior of the PM?
We have no idea how he behaves.
We are politics because we believe in socialism and equality.
I think bullying is evil.
But we do not the truth or fabrication of these claims.
Plus what is the point in getting rid of the PM because there are claims he is a bully then bringing in Cameron who has the same claims about him being a bully too.
That makes no sense.

9:51 pm, February 21, 2010

Anonymous Dorian said...

Whether it is shagging your colleague's ex or bullying some underling, what do people expect if you hand power to an Alphamale?

Grow up and smell the coffee.

6:06 am, February 22, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

NHS staff - producer capture

Is it up to the people of Britain to decide what sort of NHS they want through their democratically elected leaders? Or is it for NHS staff to dictate to us how they should spend our money for us?

8:17 pm, February 22, 2010


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