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Monday, February 08, 2010

Labour goes for online ads

Labour seems to have sussed that targeted online advertising can reach key groups of voters a lot better than spending £400k on easily graffiti-ed billboards does.

First up are mums with family income over £31k who are warned at http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk that they will “get less than they bargained for” if the Tory plans to cut Child Tax Credits are introduced.


Anonymous Rich said...

Why should the tax payer fund families at all. You shouldn't have kids unless you can afford to keep them and in all honesty if you earn over £31,000 why should the tax payer step in at all.

For Britain to get back on its feet we have got to make some serious changes to our welfare system.

Families are poor in this country because there outgoings are too large relative to their incomes. The biggest outgoing for most families is rent or mortgage. If Labour are so concerned about the welfare of families why did they let the property boom go on for so long.

We can't simply keep on using tax payers money to prop up poor wages. It just made sense at all.

8:48 pm, February 09, 2010

Anonymous Clapton Ali said...

I wonder if Labour will target these £31k+ mums with images of Vera Duckworth. How patronising!

2:50 pm, February 11, 2010


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