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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spectator: "The Tory situation is now verging on critical"



Anonymous Sir Egbert Pim-Smythe said...

Pah! What's the matter with the great unwashed public? Can't they see a great future under a David Cameron Government awaits them? I hope Labour does not get back in as I've invested £5000 in fox hunting promotional literature! Come on David, step up the negative propaganda. Accuse Brown of having started The Great Fire Of London or something!

8:30 am, February 26, 2010

Anonymous Zokko said...

Things must really be bad if the Tories' new 'secret weapon' for winning power is William '14 Pints A Day' Hague!

12:03 pm, February 26, 2010

Blogger Zaramerz said...

Maybe all cheap smearing and accusations should stop. For almost every sort of parliamentary debate is full of them. Maybe the labour party is a fraud. Maybe parliament itself is not the place for seriously getting down to a major social direction change. We squabble daily and not just years but decades and generations pass, and what do we see? The same useless squabbling and all for seats in the next parliament. I never hear that the very foundation of all power political activity is perhaps so much storm in a teacup. The essentials never change. Politicians cannot see this because they are wound up by the very machine they propose to 'change.' We never hear of a social change in direction towards, say, equality of income(or why that might be necessary): towards, say, the bulldozing of the slums in every city and the compulsary building of decent, spacial housing: of eradicating the stink of poverty. (Well, true, we 'hear' about that often enough!) Parliament seems to be a smokescreen for every sort of covetousness. What we should be asking ourselves is "what can be done with it?" For as it stands is it merely the managerial offices of the extremely rich and the owners of the, wait for it, means of production. All the conservative brakes on social change, be them mouthed by the Labour Party, Conservative Party, or any other, are merely white-washed and pampered by parliament. And I think the English Parliament has become an extention of American power politics.I think one should read my book 'Contentions: a Strange Book of Love and Strive." But I doubt if it will ever reach the shelves of mainstream bookshops.

7:08 pm, March 11, 2010


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