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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Up and walking

Long-term readers will know I was in hospital for five months last year and have been using a wheelchair since last April.

Months and months of intensive physiotherapy are starting to pay off though, and yesterday I took my first steps without having to use a crutch.

There's still a long way to go - I need to wear orthotic supports as my ankles are still weak; I will need the wheelchair for longer distances, particularly outdoors for a while yet; and whilst I can balance when moving, oddly I can't stand still unsupported. But it's quite something to be ambulatory again. Next I need to re-learn walking whilst canvassing and leafleting.


Anonymous Stuart Bruce said...

Fantastic news look and not just because it means you can get back on the doorsteps!

11:53 am, February 17, 2010

Anonymous Peter Kenyon said...

Dear Luke

Great news for you and your family. Congratulations to you and the NHS team helping you get back on your feet.

12:29 pm, February 17, 2010

Anonymous M said...

Well done, Luke. Wishing you well.

3:52 pm, February 17, 2010

Blogger Martin Meenagh said...

Excellent, well done, KBO

4:20 pm, February 17, 2010

Anonymous Andrea said...


4:40 pm, February 17, 2010

Anonymous Rich said...

Good news luke glad to see your making progress. You will running around in no time. Might even see you in sport relief next year

8:02 pm, February 19, 2010

Anonymous Anon E Mouse said...

Luke - Your politics really stink dude - anyone who can make the amount of excuses you can for this disgraceful bunch of s**ts in government should be shot!

That said I'm glad things are working out ok for you on the medical front.

Hope you keep making the progress you need to get to sorted.

Good luck man.


12:22 am, February 28, 2010


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