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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

And on another site ...

The outfit I work for, Weber Shandwick Public Affairs, has launched a General Election blog: http://election.webershandwick.co.uk/

We have a cross-party staff so there will hopefully be some lively debate generated between the likes of me and Jo-ann Robertson and Colin Byrne and our Tory colleagues Tara Hamilton-Miller and Lisa O'Toole. Hopefully the online debate won't get quite as heated as the real life one - I seem to have a talent for winding up my Tory colleagues (they accused me of being "tribalist and divisive" during PMQs today - whatever gave them that impression!).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now if you had written "my Labour colleagues ... accused me of being tribalist and divisive" I would have believed you!

3:37 am, April 08, 2010

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