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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hackney Labour Manifesto Launched

Hackney Labour has launched our manifesto for the local elections and for Hackney Mayor.

The manifesto is a detailed and costed set of proposals which set out a clear vision for the borough for the next four years and which looks back on our record since the last election.

Highlights of some of our commitments are:
  • make it easier for people to report anti social behaviour and noise nuisance
  • launch a campaign for responsible dog ownership
  • commit to further support for victims of domestic violence
  • increase drug and alcohol treatment places by 10%
  • we will plant at least another 1,000 street trees
  • we will look to expand our recycling service further
  • all residential streets will be covered by a 20mph speed limit by 2014
  • we will look to support those residents who want to grow more of their own food
  • continue to provide free swimming for children and the elderly
  • continue to work with the Hackney Empire to ensure it reopens
  • we will complete the rebuilding or refurbishment of all our secondary schools
  • six primary schools will be rebuilt or refurbished to the highest standards
  • we will open five new youth centres
  • we will complete Decent Homes on our estates by 2013
  • we will use all our powers to bring empty properties back into use
  • by 2013 - we will have created 100 council apprenticeships
  • we'll increase the number of council services available online

You can download a copy of it here.


Blogger xyzseira said...

I think these people needs the alcoholism treatment that they deserve in order to improve their way of living and have the sobriety they need to set them free from this substance.

3:21 pm, April 15, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you know there's a war on?
Talking of war I seem to remember reading that in WW2 when we really were in trouble people were told to "Dig for victory" without any support.

"we will look to support those residents who want to grow more of their own food "WTF
Surely people can grow their own fruit and veg if they need to without the dead hand of the state pulling them along.

4:07 pm, April 15, 2010

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Not if they live in flats without gardens. In which case the council needs to provide the space for them to do it. This applies to very many Hackney residents.

4:23 pm, April 15, 2010

Anonymous Rich said...

Labour are running on empty now, lib dems beating you on policy.

11:43 pm, April 15, 2010

Blogger Hackney Central Labour said...

@ Rich - "Lib Dems beating you on policy"?? TO quote from the local Lib Dem website:

"We are actively reviewing our manifesto in Hackney at present. If you have particular expertise or wish to know more please contact us."

Yeah...that's real substance for the people of Hackney.

10:15 am, April 16, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another young woman dies after being shot in Hackney, and this is your pathetic response? "easier to report anti-social behaviour?"
That'll sort out crime...

4:00 pm, April 16, 2010

Anonymous Rich said...

Lib dems have the most creative and new policies, tax free earnings up to 10,000. Getting rid of labours target driven non sense and cutting back on nuclear weapons. All this makes perfect sense to me. The tax free 10,000 is the perfect incentive to get people working and will hearly nearly everyone.

They are the only party willing to make the banks contribute to resolving this mess.

Brown on the other hand is talking about renewing Britain.....what does that mean. And it's all very well promising increased spending but if it all ends up wasted on red tape.....what's the point.

It's time to give a new party a chance.

7:40 pm, April 16, 2010

Anonymous Reuben said...

"Hackney Central Labour" (would that be the one of you who lives in the ward or the two of you who don't?), I think you are being deliberately misleading.

Our manifesto has been published on our website for over a month. There is a very large link to it front and centre on the front page.

If I were you, I would go and worry more about the total collapse in support for you in Hackney and less about making petty jibes at your opponents. Having seen tonight's opinion poll from YouGov (who normally seem to hate the Lib-Dems almost as much as Luke does), you are in serious trouble.

12:24 am, April 17, 2010

Blogger kris said...

But we can't even hope for the obvious inclusion in their manifesto which should be: stop blowing other peoples' money and spoiling their community al la the Vortex and Broadway Market.

And as for gang-culture, too bad they don't get that and community go hand in hand.


no, they have no answers to gang violence other than the inane "dial 999" or start a youth centre.

6:51 am, April 17, 2010

Anonymous Hakons Eyot said...

There is only ONE Hackney apprentice on the whole of the Olympic construction site. Jobs for locals don't make me laugh.

Shame on Labour!

9:13 pm, April 19, 2010


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