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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Poplar Punch-up

My partner Linda is working for the London Labour Party and witnessed the incident today which resulted in - according to the BBC - "a man in his 30s ... arrested on suspicion of assaulting two female Labour Party volunteers in east London": http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/election_2010/8638267.stm

Linda was the person who alerted the local police. She and other Labour activists assumed it was BNP thugs attacking John Prescott, such was the physical nature of the attempt to disrupt him speaking.

She took these pictures of the idiots who were involved.
Wearing their masks before trying to disrupt Prezza speaking:

After being unmasked in a "Scooby-Doo" moment when they were recognised as the Tory candidates for the East India & Lansbury Ward and before a chat with the Met's finest:

Well done to John Prescott for continuing his walkabout meeting local voters despite pesky Tory candidates.


Anonymous Rich said...

Knuckle draggers as we called them in the navy. What a pair and don't they have any pride. If they represent the tories then cameron has no chance.

The Tories are so deperate for power they are willing to do anything. Yesterdays news papers being a good example on the tabloid slurs against nick clegg.

Two days ago I heard a senior Tory trying to blackmail the electorate by saying a hung parliament will mean fiscal disaster and only the Tories could beat labour. This sort of thing needs to banned. It's lies.

I'm glad we now have a third party capable of getting power. It has clearly upset the Tories and the response is gutter politics.

Any swing voters thinking of voting Tory should be asking themselves why are they so desperate to regain power.

7:37 am, April 23, 2010

Anonymous Tracey Temple said...

and Precott isn't a Knuckle Dragger?

He's a fat corrupt liar. I wish he'd got a smash in his obese gob

9:51 pm, April 23, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Labour have wrecked company pension schemes by continuing the work of Norman Lamont did in 1993 in ridding the schemes of tax relief. Brown thought the stock exchange would keep going up and alleviate the affects, but turned out a disaster thanks to that idiot there are only a handful of final salary pensions available. Many people who have worked hard and saved now face extreme hardship in retirement thanks to these new labour prats.

The Tories are not any better either in fact worse, but if only labour were actually better than the Tories???

10:07 am, April 24, 2010

Blogger Blue Dwarf said...

Funny that neither Mr Coxall or his colleague have been formally charged a full month after the mellee in E14. Could it all be a case of Labour Lies & Spin??

3:28 am, May 25, 2010


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