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Monday, April 26, 2010

A target seat the Lib Dems might not take

Luciana Berger seems to be putting up a real fight in the Lab vs LD marginal of Liverpool Wavertree:


Anonymous Anonymous said...


5,000 majority, greater than 50% of turnout vote Labour in the last 3 GEs and some appalling gerrymandering and still you cry "marginal"?

That's parachuting for you

11:29 pm, April 28, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erm......I think you will find that boundary changes have made it a lot more marginal, mate.

12:48 am, April 29, 2010

Anonymous Ben said...

Good video. Excellent sense of enthusiasm. What was that bit about the European Council of Ministers though?! "Elect me because I know stuff out of an A-Level politics textbook"?! Slightly duff note to end on I thought.

12:59 am, April 29, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you'll find the boundary changes have done anything but make it more marginal. Of course, my forty-odd years in the city against her three minute video don't compare.

Don't let the truth get in the way, though.

Steve Rotheram (that's Rotheram, by the way. You may want to inform the Twigg4Westminster site) goes in Walton. What happened, after Twigg and Berger did you run out of parachute silk?

4:27 pm, April 30, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm not your "mate". I doubt you'd associate with the likes of me.

I didn't rush up from Westminster

4:29 pm, April 30, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't argue with me about the boundary changes, try telling UK Polling Report and the other similar sites who all agree that it is a much more marginal seat now than before.........

........mate :-)

12:51 am, May 01, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical smarmy Westminster tw*t. I'm not arguing with you about boundary changes, I'm telling you.

They don't live here, we're the forgotten people in our paper trousers, someone will take a look but not too long just in case they see a bit of the deprivation. "Ugh, they're northern, give her the parachute and wash your hands quickly".

As for the "mate", typical patronising that you'd come to expect from your ilk. Cameron getting in wouldn't be that much of a disaster for you, would it? All you'd have to do is change your rosette and tie.

2:35 am, May 04, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Westminster?? Ha ha ha :-0

I live in Cumbria, for the record. Stop making snide, unfounded presumptions.

You are wrong about the effects of the boundary changes - at least everybody who knows anything about these things believes you are.

Deal with that, instead of chucking your toys out of the pram :-)

12:53 am, May 05, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bless, who parachuted you into Cumbria? Michael? William? John? Margaret?

This thread is basically a bleat in before the event; if she maintains the position that a locally selected MP would have and retains the seat, you make out she has conducted a masterful campaign for retaining what she already had; if she fails, you have "we said it was a tough job, boo hoo, never mind, find a suitable by-election".

Having spoken to constituents who in the last two GEs voted Labour and this time didn't and who haven't moved in that decade, you can whine about boundaries as much as you like. The seat, if it is marginal, is because your candidate is one unmerited promotion too many, as is Twigg. Five constituencies, the first two who stand down, parachutes. Ugly.

People are disillusioned with you. You wear red and talk blue. And that doesn't have anything to do with boundaries, Penrith.

As for making snide presumptions, were you to campaign door to door with that attitude when you started off with "mate", then "marginal" wouldn't even be an issue. You'd be fighting to finish above the bloke out of the Royle Family who isn't standing.

7:44 pm, May 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Get bent, that's appalling

7:56 pm, May 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not exactly Sandbanks, is it?

7:58 pm, May 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The BBC in Merseyside has been taking calls from people saying they couldn't vote because polling stations had run out of ballot papers. Stations affected were Taggert Avenue and Dovedale Road in Wavertree, Dunbabin Road and Rudstone School in Childwall, and Ambergate Road in Grassendale.

Affluent areas whose sympathy will be LibDem if the banners and boards are a measure. For shame, Penrith.

1:01 am, May 07, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shall we mention the Wavertree result here, then?? :-)

12:52 am, May 08, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mention the Wavertree result wherever you want. You might want to mention it on the West Derby thread as well.

It's not a success when you win what you already had. You still don't get it, do you, numbnuts?

The notional boundary changes traded off two areas of moderate affluence (Broadgreen, Knotty Ash) for another of affluence (Church) and two of paupers (Picton and Kensington and Fairfield).

You can pat yourself on the back as much as you like but if you wanted to revise boundaries to make a difference, then you'd have done something about West Derby.

Liverpool's too far away to care about - safe seats, parachuted candidates and training ground for ministers. Oh hang on, can you govern with nigh on 400 seats missing?

Have a look at the West Derby Constituency page on here, back in 2007 when the last drone was foisted upon us. See who was right then as well.

12:07 am, May 10, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that it, Penrith? Are you done celebrating?

2:28 am, May 22, 2010


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