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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Other Labour Election

Nominations have just opened for Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC).

I already announced back in November before the process was delayed that I would be running for one of the six seats in the Constituency Labour Parties' section of the NEC.

If you are a Labour Party member (and if you are not you can join here: http://www.labour.org.uk/join/) I would be grateful for your support both in the final ballot of all members (you can vote for up to six candidates) and in securing nominations - each CLP General Committee can nominate up to six candidates before a deadline of 30th July.

Here's a reminder of what I wrote about why I am running (updated where events have moved on):

"I think I’ve got experience, skills and judgement to offer the Party as we enter choppy political waters and have therefore decided to throw my hat in the ring for the NEC.

The Party website usefully sets out what the NEC does:

"The National Executive Committee is the governing body of the Labour Party that oversees the overall direction of the party and the policy-making process. It carries out this role by setting strategic objectives on an annual basis and meeting regularly to review the work of the party in these areas.

All members of the NEC are members of the National Policy Forum. This body oversees the development of party policy through a rolling programme of policy development. Throughout the year, NEC members participate with government ministers in Labour Party policy commissions that prepare reports on different areas of policy which are then presented to and consulted on with the party membership before going to annual conference. This forms the basis of Labour’s general election manifesto. The NEC is also responsible for upholding the rules of the party and propriety of Labour selection processes.”

So what sort of approach would I bring to the NEC?

Rebuilding the Party. Whilst there are geographical pockets where CLPs are thriving and there is excellent campaigning best practice, in too much of the country we have let our organisation atrophy. I want to see a priority made of regeneration of branches and CLPs nationwide and building their campaigning capacity. Members are our greatest asset but we haven’t systematically done a recruitment drive for over a decade. I don’t accept that we can’t aspire to be a mass membership organisation - the 12,000 extra members since the election are proof people still want to join political parties. We also need to rebuild our base in local government as there is a direct link between losing councillors and losing our local campaigning base.

Focused on campaigning. I’ve got 20 years experience of grassroots campaigning to bring to the table. Following our General Election defeat, we need to immediately start rebuilding for the electoral challenges that are on the way. What we don’t need is a prolonged period of navel-gazing, infighting and blame. We need to learn the lessons of the 1979-1983 period when Labour spent more time attacking its own record in Government than attacking the Tories.

Transparency. As a constituency rep on the London Regional Board I report back to CLPs in writing after every meeting. I would want to do the same on the NEC (within the obvious constraints about any confidential agenda items). Too much of what the NEC does is shrouded in byzantine secrecy. Party members need to know what their representatives are doing in their name and what the justifications are for NEC decisions.

Objectivity and even-handedness. When the NEC takes decisions that affect ordinary members there needs to be confidence that NEC members are taking decisions based on upholding the Rulebook and natural justice, not helping out their mates or political allies. My track record dealing with difficult disciplinary and selection issues as a council Chief Whip for seven years and a regional board member shows that I will do the right thing when confronted with contentious issues, not do what is politically expedient.

Putting members first. Where-ever possible I would want to put control in the hands of local members and CLPs and maximise local autonomy and democracy – particularly regarding selection of candidates.

Resisting a “lurch to the left”. I’m proud of what Labour achieved in Government and want to build on it, particularly in the area of tackling poverty and inequality. In the aftermath of the General Election there will be people who want us to veer sharply to the left. I’m not one of them, I want us to align our politics and policies with where ordinary voters are, not wander off into the electoral wilderness. I want a particular focus on reconnecting with the group we lost most support amongst - C2s (skilled working class voters).

Committed to the Trade Union link. I think the current constitutional settlement in the Labour Party, whilst it could be tweaked, broadly works. I’m very wary of radical proposals such as primaries that would sever the union link, which is fundamental to keeping us grounded in the practical concerns of ordinary working people.

Positivity. My starting point is one of loyalty to the Party leadership and respect for the hard working professional staff of the Party. I’m no pushover but unlike some candidates elected in the past I’m not seeking to get on the NEC to undermine anyone or with a starting point of suspicion and blame. Having lost the General Election we all need to be united and work as a team to make sure our period in opposition is as short as possible."

For those of you who don't know me, my relevant experience is:
  • Labour Party member since 1988
  • Parliamentary candidate for Aldershot in 2001 – increasing the Labour vote against the tide - and Castle Point in 2005 – exposing a racist local Tory campaign in the national media
  • Hackney Labour Councillor since 2002 and Chief Whip for seven years – a key player in bringing political stability which has led to massive service improvements in a previously failing hung council
  • Campaign Manager in the Hackney Borough elections in 2002, 2006 and 2010, increasing the number of Labour seats from 29 to 50
  • Vice-Chair of Hackney North CLP for nine years (previously a CLP Officer in Bristol West CLP)
  • Member of the London Labour Regional Board, elected by CLPs
  • Full-time Agent for Rt Hon Frank Dobson MP in the 1997 General Election and prior to that National Secretary of Labour Students
  • School governor for 12 years
  • Active trade unionist for 17 years – including seven years as a member of Amicus London Regional Political Committee
  • Member of Unite, the Co-Op Party and Fabian Society

Online endorsements:

Matthew Cain

Hopi Sen

Dave Cole

There's a Facebook group you can join if you are supporting me. Search for "Luke Akehurst for Labour's NEC" on Facebook to find it.

Please also consider supporting Ellie Reeves, Peter Wheeler, Deborah Gardiner, Oona King and Shaukat Ali for the remaining five positions.


Anonymous Dave Cole said...

Do you know what the timetable is for the NEC elections?

3:08 pm, May 18, 2010

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Deadline for nominations 30 July, i.e. few days after supporting noms for leader, then after that I believe the OMOV ballot process runs exactly as per the leadership ballot.

10:25 pm, May 18, 2010

Blogger Merseymike said...

I shall have a vote this year....its rare I vote for a complete slate though as I think right , left and centre should be represented. Hope there will be a couple of non-slate candidates....

1:11 am, May 19, 2010

Blogger Jimmy said...

Very impressive pitch. It makes a pleasant change to hear someone who doesn't feel the need to trash the party's record in Government.

1:28 am, May 19, 2010

Anonymous Andrea said...

If it's run along the leadership contest, I guess there'll be an higher than usual turnout. Will it impact the result?

10:21 am, May 19, 2010

Blogger Merseymike said...

....but I must be honest. You won't be getting my vote because of your views on defence. It must be cut, big-style.

5:47 pm, May 19, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot to add the following qualifications, which give us slightly more of an insight in to your worthiness, or otherwise, to be re-elected to the NEC.

"Friday, June 30, 2006

I support...

Various threads below are now soaking up hostile comments like a sponge. I thought I'd save all the posters some time by just listing all the things I really support and they really hate, so they can just reply with one stream of venom. Here goes. I support:

The Labour Party
Tony Blair
The Hackney Labour Party
Hackney Council
Jules Pipe
The UK
The State of Israel
The Australian Labor Party
The New South Wales Right faction
Labour First
Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform
The EU
Sweden and its Social Democratic Party
Nuclear deterrence
The liberation of Iraq
Our police, security services and armed forces
Nuclear power
An elected House of Lords
Directly Elected Mayors
A Controlled Parking Zone for Clifden Road
New security doors on estates in my ward"

Speaks for itself, frankly.

My view, for what it's worth: we've enough fifth columnists within the Labour Party's leadership as it is.

12:17 am, May 20, 2010

Blogger John Wiseman said...

See you in the fight Luke


9:04 pm, May 20, 2010

Blogger John Wiseman said...

I am standing for the NEC of the Labour Party (CLP section) to bring
about more accountability within party structures, better regulation of
parliamentary selections, more accountability of our MPs and their advisors,
as well as more of an input by our members.
Our members need better communication and a better understanding of
the rules. This can not all be left to the few. This must be left to the
many activists that work hard to make the Labour party work. The left
in this country needs to be united.
The expenses scandal has left the party weakened, we need more accountability
of our MPS and we need a strong socialist campaign group.
Party officers must be accountable.
Overall we need:-
More accountability to the membership,
Education and training of the membership eg rules,
No use of external companies during parliamentary selections,
Better policy consultation—power to the members
We need the membership to have more of a say at conference
(OMOV a step forward). We also need drastic changes in policy eg
the war on climate change, further equality measures, as well as the
anti-trade union legislation. I am a CLP secretary for St Helens
South and Whiston as well as being on the regional TULO, NEC
Cooperative party, Shop Steward, Area Committe of Merseyside
Unite, National and Regional Political Committee of Unite.
Vote Change and Nominate John Wiseman
Membership No L0023586
CLP : St Helens South and Whiston

4:36 pm, May 27, 2010


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