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Monday, May 03, 2010

This is why you should vote Labour


Blogger william said...

I am sorry but I wouldn't believe the man if he said the sun would rise tomorrow.

11:05 pm, May 03, 2010

Blogger John Gray said...

Hi William
I don't care what you think.

What a great speech.

11:43 pm, May 03, 2010

Anonymous Nemesis said...

I'd love to vote for Labour's ID cards, DNA databases, CCTV saturation, imprisonment without trial, phone/email/text surveillance; I'd love to vote for Labour's collapsed economy, for the incompetents who fill its Cabinet, for the PM who gets off on calling sweet old Northern grannies "bigots"...

... but I'm not a complete cretin!

12:06 am, May 04, 2010

Blogger kris said...

erm, it'd be even more powerful if labour hadn't been in office for more than a decade.

Surely the little girl's living wage point should have been resolved by Gordo some time ago.

I just pray your chickens finally come home to roost in Hackney too.

8:06 am, May 04, 2010

Anonymous Nemesis said...

Not to mention that a LABOUR candidate has just called Brown "the worst PM in British history" and asked him to apologize to the Queen for his incompetence!

Plus people like Balls are advocating tactical voting for the Lib Dems - I thought that would get you expelled from the Party, chortle, chortle...

Labour's on its way to its worst defeat in history - and it couldn't have happened to a more despicable bunch of people...

1:45 pm, May 04, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anybody see Monbiot's article about the Labour government today?

Sadly, much of what he says is correct.


5:23 pm, May 04, 2010

Anonymous Dirty Euro said...

I like Monbiot but I think he is wrong.
Why do some on the left want a defeat? Who will pay for their abysmally timed vindictiveness?
Finally labour has moved back to the left and now we throw them out, for a more right wing party.
It is like replacing a reformed sinner with a proud sinner.
Labour should puts its 13 years as a positive, we have learned lessons, of relying too much on the free market, we have finally increased the top rate of tax, and stopped civil service demands to increase VAT which would have hit the poor.
Thanks to the credit crunch intellectual elites have realized the free market is not the answer to all.
Labour have learned from the past 13 years. Now we throw them out for a party that wants to ignore those lessons, drag us further to the right and create a more unequal society built on greed.

We must not vote for a party that wants to take us down all the mistakes we made in the last 13 years, and double them 10 times over. It will be the poor who suffer due to such self indulgence. The Tories want us to be like Reagan's USA.

11:00 pm, May 04, 2010

Anonymous Manana said...

The Tories have spent £18 million campaigning in this election. If they win tomorrow, it will be the first time in British history that a party has 'bought' its way into power. Let's help them waste every penny. Vote Labour.

7:51 am, May 05, 2010

Anonymous James Z said...

I'd be surprised if Labour win. Looking at the online polls, it doesn't look likely!


10:57 am, May 05, 2010

Anonymous Ed said...

"The Tories want us to be like Reagan's USA"

Lol, is that really meant to be such a bad thing? Reagan ignored the faint and bleeding of heart to take on and decisively defeat Soviet tyrrany, leading to the freeing of half of Europe.

Lefties might snivel and bleat about him, but undoubtedly Reagan will go down in history in a very positive light.

9:10 pm, May 08, 2010


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