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Monday, July 26, 2010

Nominations Close

Labour Party Leadership supporting nominations closed at 1pm today:

David Miliband – 165
Ed Miliband – 148
Andy Burnham – 44
Diane Abbott – 20
Ed Balls – 17

Trade Unions (in approx size order)

Unite – Ed Miliband
Unison - Ed Miliband
GMB - Ed Miliband
USDAW - David Miliband
CWU - Ed Balls
Community - David Miliband
UCATT - Ed Miliband
TSSA - Diane Abbott
ASLEF - Diane Abbott
NUM – Ed Miliband
Unity - Ed Miliband

Socialist Societies (in approx size order)

Labour & Socialist Clubs – Andy Burnham
BAME Members – Diane Abbott
Labour Students – David Miliband
Disabled Members Group – Ed Miliband
Socialist Health Association – Ed Miliband
Labour Lawyers – Ed Miliband


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