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Monday, August 23, 2010

NEC Nominations

The full lists of NEC nominations are now available on the party website.

I'm running 8th in a field of 20 for 6 positions, the number of CLP nominations received by each candidate being as follows:

Ann Black 275
Ken Livingstone 235
Ellie Reeves 182
Christine Shawcroft 160
Peter Willsman 137
Peter Wheeler 132
Sam Tarry 111
Luke Akehurst 83
Johanna Baxter 65
Oona King 62
Deborah Gardiner 55
Sofi Taylor 55
Shaukat Ali 52
Peter Kenyon 28
Susan Press 27
John Wiseman 27
Kevin Bennett 16
Rajwant Singh Sidhu 13
Julian Ware-Lane 11
Narinder Singh Matharoo 4


Blogger Chris Paul said...

I'd settle for that top six which is also suitably gender balanced.

Ken is enormously popular with the wider public and Labour grass roots; and if he's a critical friend of Labour's centre these days then so be it. The NEC can be loaded with yes people from other sections. The role is not just nodding centre or right or leader things through. It's making sure there is some critique and accountability.

The TU delegates rarely follow mandates from their conferences.

7:07 pm, August 23, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luke - can we have biographies/slates? Can't find any info about some of them...

7:43 pm, August 23, 2010

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

I've switched on comment moderation and deleted 2 comments that attacked another candidate.

The rules of the NEC election mean that as a candidate I am not allowed to let people denigrate other candidates on my blog.

7:45 pm, August 23, 2010

Anonymous Andrea said...

Thanks for the list.

1730 valid nominations....last they were just 992.
So more CLP partecipation this time (because of the leadership contest?)

Comparisons against 2008 for incumbents:
Black +94
Reeves +46
Shawcroft +60
Willsman +15
Wheeler 0
Kenyon -37

Gardiner is at -5 nominations compared to last time

I'm a bit surprised by a couple of people getting lower scores than I expected.

(sorry for a misleading info on the previous NEC nomination thread comment section. My bad English confused me on "next highest" reference to Ken-Black top 2)

9:37 pm, August 23, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:00 am, August 24, 2010

Anonymous Chris said...


Can you post a link to where they are on the Labour website, can't seem to find the information. If you can't link diretions would be a great alternative.

Good luck


8:24 am, August 24, 2010

Anonymous Andrea said...

Out of curiosity, how many London CLPs nominated Ken, how many Oona and how many both? maybe also how many neither of them? But I guess the answer to the last question can be 0

10:23 am, August 24, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:32 am, August 24, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I make it 36 London CLPs for Ken, 13 for Oona.

Includes 9 backing both.

Counted Tower Hamlets as one nomination.

Does that mean 32ish London CLPs didn't nominate?

10:42 am, August 24, 2010

Anonymous Julian Ware-Lane said...

Despite being second from bottom I am pleased just to have made the list.

Clearly I have a lot of learning to do as regards to acquiring nominations.

2:20 pm, August 24, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Johanna Baxter has the highest number of nominations for someone not on a slate though, which is very impressive - making her a very serious contender.

4:53 pm, August 24, 2010

Blogger John Wiseman said...

Nominations can suggest many things Ken Jackson had treble the nominations in 2001 Amicus Union Election and lost to Derek Simpson. Just to say good luck to everyone, but you may find the result is quite different

6:50 pm, August 24, 2010

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Anon 7.43

Biogs will come out with the ballot papers.

The slates are as follows:

Grassroots Labour (which I think is CLPD + Compass) are backing Black, Livingstone, Willsman, Shawcroft, Tarry and Taylor.

Progress and Labour First are backing Akehurst, Reeves, Wheeler, Ali, Gardiner and King.

I think John Wiseman is promoting an alternate left slate (the old GRA couldn't agree on 6 candidates) of Wiseman, Bennett, Press & Kenyon (and Shawcroft?). He can clarify this.

9:50 am, August 25, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where can I find the slates of candidates (left + centrist) for the National Policy Forum?

9:14 am, August 26, 2010

Blogger susan press said...

The LRC is backing its two candidates - myself and Christine Shawcroft.
There is no Grassroots Alliance slate.
Personally, I will be voting for Christine, Peter Kenyon, John Wiseman and obviously myself.
Thanks to all who are sending me messages of support.

6:58 pm, August 26, 2010

Blogger Alphy said...

Do you think those from CLP section should not be ex-MPs? It seems to play against the grass-roots involvement?

10:11 am, August 27, 2010

Blogger John Wiseman said...

Left Slate for NPF

East of England: John Aitken (Southend West), Russell Cartwright (Luton South), Jenny Holland (Harlow), Lorna Trollope (Castle Point), Toby Brown (South West Norfolk – Young Labour)

East Midlands: Val Graham (Chesterfield), Charmaine Morgan (Grantham), Ian Morrison (Sherwood),

London: Gary Heather (Islington North) (download Gary’s statement), Gordon Nardell (Dulwich & West Norwood) (download Gordon’s statement), Shani Gray (Islington North – Young Labour)

North East: Veronica Killen (Hexham), Matthew Teale (City of Durham), Andrew Campbell (Jarrow – Young Labour)

North West: Mohammed Azam (Oldham West & Royton), Wendy Dwyer (Hyndburn), Paul France (Bury North), Christine Muspratt (Wirral South), John Wiseman (St Helens South and Whiston)

Scotland: Ann Henderson (Edinburgh South) and Gordon McKay (North Ayrshire & Arran)

South East: Heather Elliott (Maidenhead – Young Labour), David Morrison (Chichester), Murray Rowlands (Surrey Heath)

South West: Vicky Black (West Dorset), David Stokes (Bournemouth East), Ann Philips, Gus Baker (Bristol West – Young Labour) plus one to be confirmed.

Wales: Nick Davies (Swansea West), Gail Giles (Newport West), Annabelle Harle (Cardiff West), Darren Williams (Cardiff West)

West Midlands: Mick Archer, Ben Symak (Birmingham Northfield – Young Labour) plus others to be confirmed.

Yorkshire & Humber: David Levene (York Central – Young Labour), George McManus (Leeds North East), Alex Sobel (Leeds North East)

12:29 pm, August 27, 2010

Blogger John Wiseman said...

The true left slate

United Left

John Wiseman (United Left and LRC)
Susan Press (LRC 0ffically backed)
Kevin Bennett (United Left)
Peter Keynon (Save the Labour Pary)
Christine Shawcroft (Save the Labour Party and LRC Officially backed)

12:34 pm, August 27, 2010

Blogger John Wiseman said...

I am going to add

Julian Ware-Lane as he is an independent and sounds a good honest candidate as a sixth choice

12:35 pm, August 27, 2010


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