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Friday, October 01, 2010

Council By-election Results

Last night's council by-election results:

Alderley Ward, Cheshire East UA. Con hold. Con 1647 (67.9%, +16.8), LD 779 (32.1%, +8.5). Swing of 4.2% from LD to Con since 2008.

Brandon Division, Durham CC. Lab hold. Lab 1204 (64%, +13.2), LD 538 (28.6%, -3.6), Con 140 (7.4%, -1.4). Swing of 8.4% from LD to Lab since 2008.

Bowydd & Rhiw Ward, Gwynedd CC. Plaid Cymru gain from Llais Gwynedd. Plaid 338 (57.9%, +22.9), Llais G 246 (42.1%, -6.3).

Battle Hill Ward, North Tyneside MBC. Lab hold. Lab 1344 (58.2%, +11.4), LD 826 (35.8%, -5.6), Con 97 (4.2%, -7.6), Ind 43 (1.9%, +1.9). Swing of 8.5% from LD to Lab since May this year.

Woolavington Ward, Sedgemoor DC. Con gain from Lab. Con 264 (44.8%, -4), LibDem 184 (31.2%, +31.2), Lab 141 (23.9%, -27.3). Swing of 17.6% from Con to LD since 2007.

Longdendale Ward, Tameside MBC. Lab hold. Lab 1275 (48.9%, +5.2), Con 1083 (41.6%, +3.6), Green 99 (3.8%, -5.1), BNP 80 (3.1%, +3.1) UKIP 67 (2.6%, -6.7). Swing of 0.8% from Con to Lab since May this year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting how on the Woolavington Ward result, a Conservative gain from Labour, you only report the swing to the Conservatives from the Lib/Dems. Surely there must have also been a swing from Labour to Conservative or would that spoil the delusion?

11:10 am, October 01, 2010

Blogger Patrick said...

Whilst the Sedgemoor result is a bit shocking, I think there were extenuating circumstances - the Labour incumbent who died appeared to have a strong personal vote, and the Liberals didn't stand last time around. Disappointing that we lost quite so badly, but not a cause for alarm that we lost, I think.

11:10 am, October 01, 2010

Blogger Merseymike said...

Good set of results on the whole, obviously a personal vote in the Sedgmoor result given that this is such a weak area for us.

The others are good, and there was a promising result in Scarborough last Friday where the FibDems only just held on in a seat which was formerly very safe for them

1:13 pm, October 01, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without knowing anything about the ward in question, that looks like a very poor result for the BNP in Tameside where they normally do so well.

Second, a question for Luke:
How do you get these results, do you arrange for somebody at the count to contact you?

2:19 pm, October 01, 2010

Anonymous Alun said...

Woolavington is a large village in the middle of Somerset. It used to be next door to a large munitions factor, but that closed a few years ago. It's not that unusual for Labour councillors to get elected rural wards and hang on for years based on personal appeal (it sometimes happens at a parliamentary level as well, of course). We shouldn't worry too much if our vote falls sharply when they retire/die or at the first election after they narrowly lose. Normally we'd be happy to poll a fifth of the vote in a local by-election in a rural ward in Somerset.

The other results are very encouraging.

3:58 pm, October 01, 2010


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