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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coronation Avenue

Opposite my flat in Stoke Newington is a housing association estate called Coronation Avenue.

On the night of October 13/14th 1940 this was the scene of a terrible tragedy when 160 civilian residents were killed after a German bomb hit the block and the air raid shelter underneath it where they were sheltering.

Local charity TimeLine is running a campaign to raise £5,000 to ensure there is a plaque put up on the building, so that everybody who goes past the flats will know about what happened there (there is a memorial to the casualties in Abney Park Cemetery but nothing to mark the actual site).

For information and to make a donation please go here: http://www.timeline.org.uk/content/view/129/6/


Anonymous Anonymous said...

£5,000 for one plaque does seem like a lot of money.

12:51 pm, November 11, 2010

Anonymous Simon Eaton said...

Actually the £5,000 is not just for the plaque, it is also to research and publish a book collecting memories and information about the disaster.

9:35 am, May 03, 2011

Anonymous Jane Parsons said...

I am thrilled about this book. My great-grandparents and great aunt were among those who died that night. I've been in touch with Timeline. Lovely people.

9:09 pm, May 10, 2012

Anonymous Elaine Stebbings said...

My grandfather Nathan Silman and his young daughter Lena were among the victims of this terrible tragedy. My grandfather had WALKED to England from Vilna, Russia(now part of Lithuania) at the age of 21 to escape the pogroms of Czarist Russia only to be killed at the age of 55 in this devastating disaster along with his young daughter of 15 years and 10 months. My father Harold Silman (1920-2002)by chance was with them on this fateful night. He had popped out for some tea, and while he was out, the bomb was dropped. He never recovered from the grief from this, along with his mother Sarah and his other sisters, Lily and Phyllis.

10:24 pm, October 27, 2014


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