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Friday, December 10, 2010

Council by-elections

Only two tonight, but both dramatic:

Fareham West Ward, Fareham BC. LD gain from Con. LD 933 (49.8%, +28.8), Con 687 (36.7%, -25), Lab 125 (6.7%, -3.6), UKIP 93 (5%, -1.9), Green 35 (1.9%, +1.9). Swing of 26.9% from Con to LD since May this year.

Bewsey & Whitecross, Warrington UA. Lab gain from LD. Lab 1032 (71.1%, +18.1), LD 221 (15.2%, -16.5), Con 118 (8.1, -7.1), Green 47 (3.2%, +3.2, Ind 33 (2.2%, +2.2). Swing of 17.3% from LD to Lab since May this year.


Anonymous Pete Bradshaw said...


What happened there? Further evidence of Labour on the march in he North?

Is the Fareham result due to local personalities/issues? Or is it that LD supporters see the party leadership (and nationally) as being Tories and they are voting for what they see as an alternative to that - strong local LDs?

10:28 am, December 10, 2010

Blogger Mark Still News said...

The LIB/DEMS are on a self destruction mission, but the support and votes being lost to them, could go top Labour or UKIP and even the Tories.

Its no use keep criticising how wrong the CON/DEMS are, Labour needs a plan and clear policies, that can be achieved and understood.

10:29 am, December 10, 2010

Blogger Patrick said...

This from ALDC website:

Truro City Council, Moresk
LD Tony Ayers 266 (51.0)
MK 153 (29.3)
Lab 103 (19.7)
Majority 113
Turnout 16.62%
LD gain from Lab

What the hell happened there?!

1:29 pm, December 10, 2010

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Truro "City Council" is in fact a parish council - I don't report parish elections as their powers are so limited and elections are often not party political. The previous Labour councillor was elected uncontested so the "gain" needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

1:40 pm, December 10, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again a great result Labour in a seat it had a chance of winning.

As far as Fareham is concerned, it seems that local Tories are swinging aqway from the Cameron blues to the Clegg blues.

Just shows that Tory support is brittle despite the polls and comes a week after they lost a seat in Poole to the Goliaths of the "Poole Peoples Party".

4:37 pm, December 10, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...


You have compared this Warrington by-election result with the May 2010 result when Labour won in this seat.

In 2007 & 2008, the Lib Dems won this seat with a 57.6% share of the vote in 2007 and 44.1% in 2008.

If you compare the by-election result with the 2007 and 2008 results, there was a swing to Labour from the Lib Dems of 38.4% from 2007 and one of 30.5% from 2008.

Bearing in mind that in May 2011, those seats last fought in 2007 are up for election, on this showing the Lib Dems are going to get slaughtered in seats they hold where Labour have a chance of winning.

Roll on May!

6:00 pm, December 10, 2010


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