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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An early election?

Tom Watson wins the prize for most politically interesting blogpost of the day with his speculation on Labour Uncut about the Tories precipitating a May General Election:

I take Tom's points about why this would be to the Tories' advantage but I don't think Labour should be wholly afraid of an early election:

a) it would be fought on the current boundaries without the implementation of the Tory-proposed gerrymander to reduce the size of the Commons, which would disproportionately damage Labour if the election doesn't happen until 2015.
b) we would be able to frame it as a single-issue election on cuts, just as they really hit home. By 2015 the economy and public spending may be recovering and cuts, whilst still a major party of the Government's record, will be a less resonant issue.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

GCSE results?

Mossibollocks got 82% A - C, but 33% Eng Bac

Creditable, and way ahead of Hackney's slum school offering, so it can claim its name back as Mossibourne. Seems something good is going on Hackney.

The Jewish faith schools are streets ahead.

Yesodey Hatorah, 76% (A - C), 69% Eng Bac

Tayyibah Girls 100% (A - C) and

10:33 am, January 12, 2011


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