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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Progress column

My Progress column this week says we need to take steps to have some more Alan Johnsons in politics:


Anonymous Owen Jones said...

I strongly agree with your sentiments. However, one way we definitely won't get more working-class MPs is if we follow Alan Johnson's advice and attack Labour's link with the unions - the link to which he owes his entire political career.

5:52 pm, January 26, 2011

Blogger Hughes Views said...

According to John Rentoul's blog, Denis Healey, speaking to the Mile End Group http://www.meg.qmul.ac.uk/ last night, said he thought "class divisions, which were very real and strongly felt, have almost completely disappeared. If you ask people what class they belong to, they say, ‘I left school years ago.’".

If he's right (and he often was and is)there's not much point hoping for "some more working-class MPs".

Also nice to hear him agreeing with my hobbyhorse about how Mrs Thatcher frittered away our North Sea Oil bonanza

11:52 am, January 27, 2011

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...


you know I support the union link.


2:13 pm, January 28, 2011

Anonymous Owen Jones said...


I know you're a passionate defender of the union link - but my point was that it was unfortunate that the subject of your piece himself has attempted to undermine the aim both you and I support (increased working-class political representation).


5:13 pm, January 31, 2011

Anonymous Hazel said...

Totally agree with this article, the SWP are trying to create a divisive atmosphere in Camden.

2:51 pm, February 02, 2011


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