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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Lib Dem Cllrs vs the Cuts

As it's behind the Times paywall, for reference here's the letter and full list of signatories to the Lib Dem Councillors' letter attacking Pickles' front-loaded cuts to local government.

It's worth checking, and if your local Lib Dem Group Leader didn't sign, asking him or her why not:

Local authority cuts
In contrast to central government’s runaway spending, local governments have been making savings for years


Local government is playing its part in tackling the country’s deficit and advancing the Coalition’s aims of localism and the Big Society. But local, and central, government are being let down by the Communities and Local Government Secretary who appears unwilling to lead the change that’s so desperately needed. Local government has made efficiency savings of 3 per cent in each of the past eight years — in stark contrast to the runaway spending of central government under the previous administration. We’ve also been planning for further saving since the true state of the economy became apparent six months ago.

What has been delivered is a difficult cuts package across all government departments but clearly the most severe is to local government. These cuts will have an undoubted impact on all frontline council services, including care services to the vulnerable.

Rather than assist the country’s recovery by making public-sector savings in a way that can protect local economies and the frontline, the cuts are so structured that they will do the opposite. The local government settlement will take a major hit in this coming financial year and further, smaller, cuts in subsequent years. This front-loading means councils do not have the lead-in time necessary to re-engineer services on a lower-cost base and ease staff cuts without forced, expensive redundancies. Inexplicably, local government is also being denied the opportunity to spread the cost of reorganisation and downsizing over several years — at no cost to central government — which just makes even bigger in-year cuts inevitable The Secretary of State’s role should be to facilitate necessary savings while promoting the advance of localism and the Big Society. Unfortunately, Eric Pickles has felt it better to shake a stick at councillors than work with us.

Local and central government should be united in a shared purpose. Instead of chastising and denigrating local authorities through the media, the Government should deploy all its efforts to help councils minimise the impact on vulnerable communities and frontline services.
We would be delighted to discuss with the Secretary of State how we could take on the difficult challenges shared by all levels of government and would prefer to do this than continue with the gunboat diplomacy which is the current order of the day.

Cllr Richard Kemp
Leader, Liberal Democrat Group, Local Government Association
Cllr Carl Minns
Lib Dem Leader Hull City Council
Cllr Cec Tallack
Lib Dem Leader Milton Keynes
Cllr Paul Tilsley
Lib Dem, Deputy Leader, Birmingham City Council
Cllr David Faulkner
Lib Dem Leader, Newcastle City Council
Cllr Ian Marks
Lib Dem Leader, Warrington Borough Council

Cllr Virginia Gay, North Norfolk; Cllr Andrew De Freitas, North East Lincolnshire Council; Cllr Tim Carroll, South Somerset; Cllr Stuart Langhorn, Lancaster City Council; Cllr David Watts, Broxtowe BC; Cllr Tony de Vere, Vale of White Horse; Cllr Keith House, Eastleigh BC; Cllr Anne Turrell, Colchester (NOC); Cllr Sian Reid, Cambridge City; Cllr Alan Connett, Teignbridge DC; Cllr David Budd, Purbeck DC; Cllr Ann De Vecchi, Lewes DC; Cllr Dorothy Thornhill, Watford Mayor; Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Leader, Portsmouth City Council

Group Leaders
Cllr Alan Boad, Warwick DC; Cllr Gavin James, Basingstoke & Deane BC; Cllr Tom Smith-Hughes, Essex CC; Cllr Joe Abbott, South Tyneside; Cllr Roger Hayes, Bolton MBC; Cllr Peter Wilcock, Uttlesford BC; Cllr Simon McDougall, Arun DC; Cllr Brendan Haigh, Newark & Sherwood DC; Cllr Nigel Martin, Durham; Cllr Hilary Jones, Derby City Council; Cllr Linda Redhead, Halton; Cllr Sue Carpendale, Babergh DC; Cllr Iain Sharpe, Watford BC; Cllr Kathy Pollard, Suffolk CC; Cllr Maureen Rigg, Stockton; Cllr John Boyce, Oadby & Wigston BC; Cllr Andrew Smith, Chicester DC; Cllr Phil Taylor, Tewkesbury BC; Cllr Len Gates, Test Valley BC; Cllr Ruth Davis, South Gloucestershire; Cllr Tony Gillam, Gedling BC; Cllr Chris Maines, Lewisham BC; Cllr David Milsted, North Dorset DC; Cllr Roger Price, Fareham BC; Cllr Brian Greenslade, Devon CC; Cllr Ian Stewart, Cumbria CC; Cllr Richard Andrews, West Oxfordshire DC; Cllr Margaret Rowley, Wychavon DC; Cllr Ann Buckley, Havant BC; Cllr Jane Parlour, Richmondshire DC; Cllr Alan Sherwell, Aylesbury Vale DC; Cllr Graham Longley, Southend BC; Cllr Zoe Patrick, Oxfordshire CC; Cllr Brian Jeffries, East Riding of Yorkshire; Cllr Bob Sullivan, Waltham Forest BC; Cllr David Lomax, High Peak BC; Cllr Paul Coddington, Doncaster MBC; Cllr Liz Tucker, Worcestershire CC; Cllr Simon Ashley, Manchester City Council; Cllr Roger Walshe, Sevenoaks DC; Cllr John Fisher, Staffs Moorlands; Cllr Paul Morse, Norfolk CC; Cllr Jane Clark, Wealden DC; Cllr Christina Jebb, Staffordshire CC; Cllr David Walker, Charnwood BC; Cllr Noel Rippeth, Gateshead; Cllr Penny Otton, Mid Suffolk DC; Cllr Nan Farmer, Carlisle; Cllr David Foster, Blackburn with Darwen; Cllr Dr Robin Studd, Newcastle under Lyme; Cllr Peter Chegwyn, Gosport BC; Cllr Richard Sharp, Woking BC; Cllr Mary Baldwin, Bucks CC; Cllr Jerry Roodhouse, Warwickshire CC; Cllr David Neighbour, Hart DC; Cllr Arthur Preece, Hartlepool BC; Cllr Nigel Hartin, Shropshire CC; Cllr David Neve, Tunbridge Wells BC; Cllr Geoff Welsh, Blaby DC; Cllr Roger Kutchinsky, Hertsmere BC; Cllr Ross Henley, Taunton Deane BC; Cllr Jack Cohen, Barnet BC; Cllr Julie Morris, Epsom & Ewell; Cllr Terry Stacy, Islington BC; Cllr Alex Perkins, Canterbury City; Cllr Geoff Chamberlain, East Devon DC; Cllr David Fearn, Derbyshire Dales DC; Cllr Helen Dyke, Wyre Forest DC; Cllr Paul English, Craven DC; Cllr Paul Elgood, Brighton & Hove; Cllr Paul Hodgkinson, Cotswold DC


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'We’ve also been planning for further saving since the true state of the economy became apparent six months ago'.

Well feck me sideways,not that old Lib Dum lie yet again.

8:17 pm, February 10, 2011

Blogger Merseymike said...

Its just a way of trying to get themselves off the hook. If they really believed this they would leave their scumbag party

11:36 pm, February 10, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Luke, you now agree that central government spending had run away? In which case, specifically which cuts do you and the NEC support? I think we should be told

9:59 am, February 11, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only four from the (I think) 20 Liberal Democrat Groups in London -surprising given the level of opposition to the cuts' effects upon London

10:33 am, February 11, 2011

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Anon 9.59

republishing something doesn't imply I agree with every word of it.

The NEC doesn't have responsibility for Labour Party policy on this or any other matter - we deal with organisational matters.

11:35 am, February 11, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, but surely you can humour us a little by elaborating on how Labour would halve the deficit in the current
Parliament as I believe is current party policy. Which cuts are in, which out, or is it to be done through a mixture of pixy and fairy dust?

1:57 pm, February 11, 2011

Blogger Hughes Views said...

Two points I think are worth us repeating especially those of us who live in Lib Dem strongholds:

1) despite what the Lib Dems say, they didn't have to go into coalition. They might well have been in a stronger position to influence policy had they let Cameron form a minority government.

2) many members of the Lib Dem leadership are as enthusiastic as the Tories are about the front loaded cuts that their council leaders are bleating about.

3) the time to pay off government debt is when the economy's strong just as Labour did around 2000 when it repaid debt that Major's government had run up.

4) most successful recoveries from worldwide economic crises have been aided by prudent government investment in infrastructure etc. E.g. London Tube extensions and similar UK projects in the 1930s and the new deal in the US.

Sorry that turned into 4 points. No extra charge!

PS You have to laugh at Eric Pickles (or else you'd cry). For years he's been droning about freeing local councils' from central government's diktats. But now he's got his chubby fingers on the levers of power he's turning out to be the most controlling Communities Secretary (or equiv) there's ever been. Step out of line and he'll cut off your cash...

2:05 pm, February 11, 2011

Blogger Phil Harris said...

The letter is to be expected as they at least have to sound as if they concerned.

Personally, i'm looking forward to May when we can wipe out as many of them as we can in the local elections.

9:55 pm, February 11, 2011


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