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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NEC Report

My report on yesterday's NEC meeting is available on the Progress website:



Blogger Wilfred said...

Are you people thick or something?It does not take rocket science to see the bank bail pout costing 1.3 trillion and the 2 trillion cost of the wars that the Tories pushed through parliament has caused the debt, if we got our money back from the Tory bankers then the deficit would be cleared up over night with 300 billion spare change.

9:32 am, May 19, 2011

Anonymous Katherine Smith said...

Luke, off thread but relevant to Labour's future, perhaps you should take a look at the blog site of a new Labour district councillor down in Thanet.

Under the name redthanet.blogspot he holds forth and, under the title of Queen Goes To Ireland, in very uncomplimentary language about the royal family.

Ok, it is his opinion and we live in a democracy, but with the royal family generally riding quite high in popularity after the wedding, is this what the Labour party wants its representatives putting on line.

Already Tory bloggers have picked up on it and are spreading it far and wide. Perhaps as a member of the NEC you should have words with this man.

2:33 pm, May 20, 2011


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