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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Labourlist column

My Labourlist column this week looks at Lewis Baston's modelling of the forthcoming boundary review: http://www.labourlist.org/hitting-the-boundary


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The idea that there are too many MPs is widely held but wrong.

A U S Congressman, for example, has a much bigger electorate being one such argument. But a totally false comparison as the U S is federal in nature, does not supply members of the executive and because they each have a huge staff.

The power of the frontbenches will increase as a result of these changes because they will have the same number of members within a smaller House of Commons.

What does need cutting is the number of ministers. Why, for example, do we still have secretaries of state for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? These ought to go and perhaps other reductions would be justified too.

The unpaid PPS should also go as they are just a means to extend the power of the whips.

11:55 am, June 08, 2011


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