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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Progress Column

My latest Progress column looks at the events within the Labour Party over the last week:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good stuff, again.

You are on a roll at the moment - long may it continue :)

12:34 am, June 16, 2011

Anonymous Toby Chopra said...

Perhaps the most important thing you highlight here Luke is the fact that we got trounced at the GE in 2010 - after a 13 year spell in office - and unless the Tories cock things up completely it's pretty hard to imagine how we could go straight back into Number 10.

British voters just don't work like that - they've given the other lot a go and many will stick with them a while unless it goes completely wrong. (Like tipping us back into another deep recession or wrecking the NHS entirely - both possible but unlikely)

The impression the plotters and grumblers give is that if only D. Milliband or Tony himself were the leader, together with some amazing policies (which strangely they have yet to reveal) then we could be measuring up the curtains in Downing St now.

They talk about deficit denying - but if anyone's not living in reality its Hodges and his mob.

Ed's by no means perfect, but playing the long game is the right decision as our chances in 2015 will largely be determined by the decisions Cameron and Osborne make, not by anything we do.

10:19 am, June 16, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really did not like Ed Miliband's decision to pander to prejudice over benefit claimants.
To equate them with the people who wrecked the economy is very unfair.

It seems that Labour is still the nasty party.

12:55 pm, June 16, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 12.55 PM

Clearly you didn't actually liten to/read Ed's speech then, instead preferring to believe the spin certain people put on it.

A pity.

12:18 am, June 17, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:18 AM, June 17, 2011:

Yes, but quite possibly the spin that the Labour party was happy to have. That possibility certainly exists.

11:16 am, June 17, 2011


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