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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

GLA Candidates

Hat-tip to labourlist for the full list of Labour's candidates for the GLA next May:

Labour London Assembly constituency members / candidates:
Jennette Arnold AM (North East) *
John Biggs AM (City and East)*
Len Duvall AM (Greenwich and Lewisham)*
Navin Shah AM (Brent and Harrow)*
Val Shawcross AM (Lambeth and Southwark)*
Joanne McCartney AM (Enfield and Haringey)*
Lisa Homan (South West)
Josie Channer (Bexley and Bromley)
Leonie Cooper (Merton and Wandsworth)
Louisa Woodley (Croydon and Sutton)
Mandy Richards (Havering and Redbridge)
Andrew Dismore (Barnet and Camden)
Onkar Sahota (Ealing and Hillingdon)
Todd Foreman (West Central)

Labour London Assembly list members / candidates:
1.Nicky Gavron AM *
2.Murad Qureshi AM *
3.Fiona Twycross
4.Tom Copley
5.Florence Nosegbe
6.Unmesh Desai
7.Kirsten Hearn
8.Liquat Ali
9.Mabel McKeown
10.Kevin McGrath
11.Seema Malhotra

(* = current AM)

The results last time are here:


Blogger Steve Finnell said...

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10:49 pm, July 13, 2011

Anonymous Andrea said...

How many constituencies are you targetting?
Barnet and Camden with an high profile candidate and a controversial opponent...and then? Merton and Wandsworth and Ealing & Hillingdon?

I suppose people on the list from position 5 are unlikely to be elected (unless there's a Scottish style collapse in the constituencies). Position 3 and 4 are winnable depending on the combination of list share and constituencies won.

10:23 am, July 14, 2011


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