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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Labour NEC, CAC and NCC elections

For the geekier Labour watchers amongst you, the nominations have closed on a number of internal Labour elections that take place at Annual Conference:


Division I - Trade Unions

13 candidates nominated for 12 places (at least 6 must be women):

Rebecca Peterson ASLEF
Andy Kerr CWU - incumbent
Mary Turner GMB - incumbent
Andy Worth GMB - incumbent
Harriet Yeo TSSA - incumbent
Jim Kennedy UCATT - incumbent
Keith Birch UNISON - incumbent
Wendy Nichols UNISON
Jennie Formby UNITE
Rachael Maskell UNITE - incumbent
Martin Mayer UNITE
Paddy Lillis USDAW - incumbent

I would expect this to boil down into a contest between ASLEF which is more leftwing but smaller and the larger but more moderate Community for the final slot of the 12.

Incumbent members Norma Stephenson (UNISON and current NEC Chair), Cath Speight (UNITE and current Chair of Organisation Committee) and Chris Weldon (UNITE) are not restanding so this represents a loss of quite a few very experienced members of the TU section of the NEC.

Division II - Socialist Societies

1 seat - uncontested

Connor McGinn - Labour Party Irish Society

Connor replaces Simon Wright of LGBT Labour.


The NCC deals with disciplinary matters.

Two elected uncontested

Richard Ascough GMB
Lee Vasey UNITE

Two seats (gender quota has already been met)

Rose Burley (incumbent) - 34 nominations
Kevin Hepworth (incumbent) - 25 nominations
Mark James (Grassroots Alliance supported) - 39 nominations
John Wiseman (Further to the left than the Grassroots Alliance) - 17 nominations

Conference Arrangements Committee – CLP Section

Two to be elected – at least one woman

Sue Anderson - 1 nomination
Presley Antoine - 1 nomination
Michael Clarke - 1 nomination
Catherine Donovan - 47 nominations (Grassroots Alliance supported)
Ann Groves - 1 nomination
Robert Gunn - 1 nomination
Gary Heather - 40 nominations (Grassroots Alliance supported)
Seema Malhotra - 82 nominations
Martin Phillips - 28 nominations
Rachel Reeves MP - 34 nominations
John Wiseman - 6 nominations


Anonymous Peter Kenyon said...

Dear Luke

Good to see you highlighting the Labour First and Progress alliance candidates, or has it fallen apart?

Yours in socialism

Peter Kenyon

10:51 am, July 07, 2011

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Hi Peter

Labour First recommended support for Phillips, Malhotra, Burley and Hepworth. I think Progress did the same but can't remember. Rachel Reeves is also very good so need to resolve an excess of sensible candidates!

12:46 am, July 08, 2011

Anonymous Andrea said...

Thanks for the full list of candidates.

Are the CLPs nominations available somewhere?
They are too few to read something from them though

9:21 am, July 09, 2011

Anonymous Ann Black said...

Rose Burley is not elected unopposed - the gender quota has already been met, so there will be an election for two candidates.

Ann Black (super-geek)

8:20 am, July 11, 2011

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Will correct

9:40 am, July 11, 2011

Anonymous Andrea said...

what does it mean that the gender quota has been already met? Is it for the overall composition of the committee and not just for any specific election?

5:30 pm, July 11, 2011

Blogger John Wiseman said...

Good spread I sense in the Party We are now seeing how many versions of the left are there (healthy), because I hope and I feel the party is shifting leftwards

7:40 pm, July 11, 2011


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