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Monday, July 18, 2011

Labourlist Column

My Labourlist column today says "I told you so":


Blogger southhackneypunter said...

And i hate to say 'I told you so' too, but here's my post from 1 May 2010 for those who missed it ...

southhackneypunter said...
Andy Coulson, was editor of the News of the World (prop. R Murdoch) until 2007. Coulson then had to resign due to allegations he had authorised illegal mobile phone-tapping and electronic eavesdropping of radio mics to capture unguarded comments by A-list celebrities, football managers and senior Labour Party figures.

In 2009 Coulson became the Conservative Party's 'Director of Communications' in preparation for what was expected to be one of the 'dirtiest campaigns of modern times'.

In April 2010 Gordon Brown was secretly recorded commenting on a floating voter in his car (allegedly he had left a radio mic on).

In May 2010 a senior City barrister staged a 'heckling incident' to further imply Gordon Brown refuses to engage with 'ordinary voters' like himself.

4:44 PM, May 01, 2010

11:12 am, July 18, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ed Miliband has certainly performed well here. I suspect that this will prove to be part of a pattern.

A competent leader of the opposition will be seen as a credible prime ministerial contender.

The failure to be a competent leader of the opposition is what sank Kinnock. When he fell over on the beach in 1983, it had little immediate effect but then it came to be seen as part of a pattern that culminated in his disastrous performance at the very ill-conceived Sheffield rally.

Did Kinnock ever set the agenda in the way that Ed Miliband has now done?

Sadly, no.

Kinnock's incompetence helped create the myth that Labour lost because of some of its policies such as getting rid of nuclear weapons. It also helped create the myth that 'the Sun won it'.

It is good to see some of these myths being challenged now but our MP's should have had a strategy for dealing with this problem long ago.

Ed Miliband needs to continue to plan his strategies well. He has not yet resolved the awkward way that his mouth operates (although it is a lot better than it was).

2:34 pm, July 18, 2011


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