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Monday, July 18, 2011

Link of the day

Every now and then you read something and think "I wish I had written that".

I feel that way about this post on Friday on Labour Uncut by Kevin Meagher:


The only bit I would change is delete "CLP Chairs" and insert "CLP Chairs and Secretaries" - no offence to Chairs but in the Labour movement it's the Secretary which is the key and extremely onerous position at every level. Chairs get phoned up by the Sunday Times because in local Tory Associations Chair is the key political position, and Sunday Times journos assume the same applies to Labour, whereas in many (not all) CLPs the Chair basically chairs the meetings and it's the Secretary who "leads" the CLP (to the limited extent that any Labour Party unit is open to the idea of being led).

He will be pleased to know that Refounding Labour isn't going to involve the kind of top-down liquidation of structures he rightly fears.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


The division of tasks is supposed to be
Chair runs the meetings.
Secretary runs the paperwork (mostly by e-mail and Microsoft Word)

10:56 pm, July 18, 2011


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