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Friday, September 16, 2011

Council by-elections

There were seven by-elections last night:

Highgate Ward, LB Camden. Lab hold. Lab 1178 (41.6%, +12.6), Green 947 (33.5%, +3), Con 593 (21%, +0.8), LD 111 (3.9%, -18.3). Swing of 4.8% from Green to Lab since 2010. This is the best ward in Camden for the Greens and elected one Green and two Labour councillors last year, 2 Greens and 1 Tory in 2006.

Bramshott & Liphook Ward, East Hampshire DC. Double vacancy. 2 Con holds. Con 796, 743 (52.8%, +2.2), LD 404, 371 (26.8%, -5.5), Lab 183, 117 (12.1%, -5), Green 126 (8.3%, +8.3). Swing 3.9% from LD to Con since May this year.

Phoenix Ward, Gedling BC. LD gain from Lab. LD 556 (48.7%, +0.9), Lab 446 (39.1%, -13.1), Con 98 (8.6%, +8.6), UKIP 42 (3.7%, +3.7). Swing of 7% from Lab to LD since May this year.

Hedley Division, Hampshire CC. Con hold. Con 1588 (64.6%, +0.9), LD 290 (11.8%, -19.3), Lab 258 (10.5%, +5.3), Green 178 (7.2%, +7.2), Justice & Anti-corruption 146 (5.9%, +5.9). Swing of 10.1% from LD to Con since 2009.

Surbiton Hill Ward, RB Kingston-upon-Thames. LD hold. LD 997 (39.7%, -2.6), Con 895 (35.6%, -0.9), Lab 349 (13.9%, +2.7), CPA 171 (6.8%, +4.7), Green 81 (3.2%, -4.7), Ind 21 (0.8%, +0.8). Swing of 0.9% from LD to Con since 2010.

Graiseley Division, Wolverhampton MBC. Lab hold. Lab 1527 (64.7%, +0.2), Con 591 (25%, +8.5), LD 177 (7.5%, +2.1), UKIP 65 (2.8%, +2.8). Swing of 4.2% from Lab to Con since May this year.

Highland Ward, Perth & Kinross CC. SNP 1449 (54.4%, -4), Con 596 (22.4%, -3.2), LD 321 (12.1%, -1.4), Ind 269 (10.1%, +7.6), Ind 27 (1.0%, +1). Swing of 0.4% from SNP to Con since 2007.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Labour loosing a seat to the Lib Dems in the North!!!!! I hope it is a result of local issues.

12:37 am, September 17, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comparing with the highest vote in 2010 seems to me an unreliable method as many people who voted in the General Election didn't realise they had three votes in the local election, so the spreads between highest and lowest candidate were very wide.

Based on the aggregate vote, the change in share in Surbiton Hill is as follows:

LD: -5.3%

Con: -3.9%

Lab: +3.4%

CPA: +4.7%

Green: +0.3%

Ind: +0.8%

9:26 am, September 17, 2011

Anonymous Paul said...

These results just aren't good enough. I strongly supported Ed Miliband as leader and I am conscious the first year after a large loss after 13 years in power was always going to be difficult but I am very worried. The shadow cabinet is totally anonymous with a couple of exceptions. And results like Southmead which showed a swing to the Cons show how hard the next few years could be.

12:48 pm, September 17, 2011

Blogger Patrick Moule said...

What the bejesus happened in Gedling?!

3:06 pm, September 17, 2011

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

The Gedling result is just return to a normal pattern after extraordinaryily good results in that borough this May.

12:01 am, September 18, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Take your s***-stirring elsewhere.

The Gedling seat had been LibDem for many years until last way. Southmead saw a healthy increase in the Labour vote, and was a GAIN.
The LibDem vote collapsed.

You don't mention the excellent result in Camden, obviously. again the LibDem vote was vapourised.

And as for the Shadow Cabinet - Ed will be able to pick his own people from next month. Which will mean a long overdue exit for those embittered old Blairite lags who haven't bothered their arses this past year out of spite because the party had the temerity to pick "the wrong brother".

So there ;)

12:26 am, September 18, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope that Luke will consider adding turnout percentages in future reports. It would be an interesting enhancement.

2:35 pm, September 19, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Highgate in Camden the turn out was 34.26 (half what it was last year due to the general). But not bad for a local authority by-election.

And despite Paul's comment was actually a pretty stunning result for Labour. In the ward that Ed Miliband lives in.

Plenty of Labour parties would have lost it in the same circumstances. Have blogged briefly about it and in process of writing a more detailed one about strategy - without giving away tricks of the trade of course.

5:46 pm, September 19, 2011


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