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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Drop the Bill

Sign this if you oppose the Coalition's NHS reforms: http://www.dropthebill.com/


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luke, thought you might nlike this.... MIKE Carr, the Liberal Democrat candidate for the West Wight Isle of Wight Council by-election, has been de-selected by the party days before the poll.
An investigation prompted by an anonymous e-mail, suggesting Mr Carr had wrongly withdrawn money from the bank account of The Needles Lodge of the Freemasons. The money is now being paid back.
The e-mail about Mr Carr, a retired schoolteacher and ex special police constable, was sent to leading members of his party and to the press.
Asked on Tuesday by the County Press if this was true, Mr Carr, who is the former treasurer of the lodge, said: "Yes and no. It depends on one’s interpretation."
However, a fellow member of his former lodge, who did not wish to be named in the paper, said Mr Carr was no longer welcome at the lodge.
In a statement, Mr Carr’s election agent, Bob Blezzard, said when Mr Carr was adopted the party had been unaware of the situation that had come to light.
"As a result of this information, the Liberal Democrat Party no longer supports Mike Carr’s candidacy for the Isle of Wight Council," said Mr Blezzard, who has written to the returning officer to that effect.
Mr Carr said he had now withdrawn his candidacy but he was devastated at having to do so.
The by-election will be on November 17 but, because of the late withdrawal, Mr Carr’s name will still be on the ballot paper.

10:29 pm, November 08, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done, Luke for bringing this to our attention.
This piece of legislation was not even in the coalition agreement let alone an election manifesto.

6:02 pm, November 10, 2011

Anonymous Rich said...

What makes me angry is that where I live they have already closed two walk in centres and these purpose made buildings are now empty.

My GP no longer offers Saturday appointments and if you do need an urgent appointment you are told two weeks or call out the emergency service which is run by a private company.

The Walk in centre took a lot of pressure of the A&E dept, now since the closure people often wait all night to get simple cut stitched.

Either GPs have to open at weekends and offer early evening appointments, we reopen local health centres or we face a serious problem. We can't have people getting seriously ill because they cant see a doctor. People often don't need an A&E department in a main hospital to treat cuts, infections and minor injuries. They are minor but they still need treating promptly.

What a mess this government has created in less than 2 years and they don't even have a majority. I can't believe they are able to do this without a clear political mandate. I'm disgusted.

11:11 pm, November 11, 2011


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