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Monday, November 07, 2011

Labourlist Column

My Labourlist column this week is about Ed Miliband and the Occupy protests:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I fear a similar effect to the way in which student and hippy anti-war protests in 1968 drove traditional blue-collar Democrats into the arms of Richard Nixon and created a Republican hegemony that lasted for 40 years"

Let us not overdo the pessimism here! Between 1968 and 2008, the Democrats won just 4 out of 11 presidential elections. True but far from inevitable.

1968: Could easily have gone the other way.

1980: Carter and Reagan were deadlocked in the opinion polls until Reagan broke through in the televised debate a week before polling day. The economy was in a very bad way at the time.

1988, 2000 and 2004: The Democrats did not so much lose these as throw them away. Also, the last two featured plenty of electoral fraud by the Republicans.

We should be very careful before accepting Luke's interpretation of events.

3:44 pm, November 10, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The previous comment makes some interesting points.

We should not forget that President Johnson had actually been elected in 1964 with a pledge not to escalate the war.

What enabled Vice President Humphrey to close the gap with Nixon in 1968 appears to have been his distancing from Johnson on the question of the Vietnam War. And then Johnson halted the bombing.

Fearing that an end to the war would cost him the election, the Nixon camp secretly persuaded the South Vietnamese government to keep out of peace negotiations.
Thus Nixon may well have helped cause the deaths of thousands of American servicemen and far more Vietnamese and Cambodians.

5:56 pm, November 10, 2011


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