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Friday, January 20, 2012

Council By-elections

There were 2 by-elections yesterday, both gains for Labour:

Newcomen Ward, Redcar & Cleveland UA. Lab gain from LD. Lab 539 (49%, +15.6), LD 484 (44%, -15), Con 76 (6.9%, -0.7). Swing of 15.3% from LD to Lab since May 2011.

Batchwood Ward, St Albans DC. Lab gain from LD. Lab 1002 (55.1%, +14.2), LD 395 (21.7%, -2.7), Con 347 (19.1%, -7.8), Green 76 (4.2%, +2.5). Swing of 8.5% from LD to Lab since May 2011. This is a fantastic result for Labour in a part of Hertfordshire where we had seemed to be suffering a steady decline. The new councillor is Roma Mills, who previously represented the same ward and was parliamentary candidate in 2010.


Blogger David Boothroyd said...

Labour gain Newcomen ward.
John Hannon [The Labour Party Candidate] 539
Dave Stones [Liberal Democrat] 484
Matthew Bennett [The Conservative Party Candidate] 76

John Hannon is the first Labour councillor in the ward since the 1980s. A very significant result given the many complaints from local Liberal Democrats about too many Labour leaflets.

10:22 am, January 20, 2012

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much for opinion polls!

1:50 pm, January 20, 2012

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not all good news:
Horwich Council, Lever Park Ward
Thursday 19 January 2012

LD Lynn Rock 218 (42.4)
Lab 211 ((41.1)
Green 85 (16.5)
Majority 7
Turnout 19.5%
LD gain from Lab

2:12 pm, January 22, 2012


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