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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Progress Column

This week I look at the league tables of Labour leaders: http://www.progressonline.org.uk/2012/02/08/labours-most-successful-leaders/


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A more interesting question is how much better Labour could have performed.

An extra 1,000 votes in 1950 could have meant another 3 seats. Bad luck for Ted Heath (Majority: 133).

With a majority of 11, Labour could have stayed in power until 1954. As austerity gradually eased, Labour may well have won that election and again in 1959.

Something else worth bearing in mind, is that Labour would almost certainly have won in 1970 if the election had been held a week earlier before bad economic news came out.

It only goes to show that a week is a long time in politics!

3:25 pm, February 13, 2012

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re 1970 - and if Gordon Banks hadn't upset his stomach!


12:30 am, February 16, 2012

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1970: The dangers should have been obvious even at the time. How anybody could have failed to see the risks is rather astonishing.

3:50 pm, February 23, 2012


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