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Friday, March 09, 2012

NEC Nominations

The latest weekly update on NEC nominations received by the Labour Party shows me moving up from equal 6th place last week and 8th the week before to 5th place:

Ann Black 108 CLPs  (Grassroots Alliance - GRA)
Ellie Reeves 68 (Labour First/Progress - LFP)
Ken Livingstone 66 (GRA)
Christine Shawcroft 64 (GRA)
Luke Akehurst 56 (LFP)
Johanna Baxter 55 (Independent - IND)
Peter Wheeler 48 (LFP)
Peter Willsman 47 (GRA)
Kate Osamor 31 (GRA)
Darren Williams 25 (GRA)
Florence Nosegbe 25 (LFP)
Ruth Smeeth 25 (LFP)
Joanne Milligan 24 (LFP)
Gary Heather 19 (GRA)
Lewis Atkinson 14 (IND)
Shaukat Ali 10 (IND)
John Wiseman 1 (IND)
Narinder Matharoo 2 (IND)
Zahida Abbas Noori 1 (IND)
Darrell Goodliffe 1 (IND)
Theresa Griffin 1 (IND)

The nominations deadline in 30th March.

Another way to look at it is the percentage of last time's total nominations that each of us has already received (e.g. Ann Black 84/275×100).

This is a crude measure of the change in popularity of candidates since 2010 relative to each other:

Johanna Baxter 84.6%
Luke Akehurst 68.3%
Christine Shawcroft 40%
Ann Black 39.3%
Ellie Reeves 37.4%
Pete Wheeler 36.4%
Pete Willsman 34.3%
Ken Livingstone 28.1%

Let me know here if you are supporting me: http://www.luke4nec.org.uk/register-your-support/ - in this very close election I need your support if you support what I stand for and the work I am doing for the Party.


Blogger John Ruddy said...

Out of interest, what effect does the number of nominations have on a candidate? Do you need a minimum number to appear on the ballot?

Or is it just a crude popularity test?

5:09 pm, March 09, 2012

Anonymous Andrea said...

The 6 incumbents are leading the race at this point.

I guess you and Baxter are having a sort of first time incumbency effect. Livingston is not having one as being an household name probably inflated his nominations tally last time

6:24 pm, March 09, 2012

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

I've deleted another comment as it could be seen as disparaging of another candidate and therefore the candidate code of conduct stops me publishing it.

11:38 pm, March 10, 2012

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Hi John

you have to get your own CLP and 2 others from 2 other regions to get on the ballot.

Otherwise it just shows popularity with activists who attend party meetings, and the total number is published when ballot papers go out.

11:40 pm, March 10, 2012

Anonymous James Thurston said...

On a different note Luke, I have just found a clutch of very good results in Braintree: 2 Labour gains from the Conservatives in Braintree East and Braintree South District Council wards!

This adds credance to the steady progress Labour is making in regaining support in the South of England: one of the most crucial Electoral Battlegrounds!

9:25 am, March 16, 2012


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