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Friday, March 16, 2012

NEC Nominations

The latest weekly update on NEC nominations received by the Labour Party shows me staying in 5th place (there are 6 seats available, I came 6th in 2010):

Ann Black 138 CLPs (Grassroots Alliance - GRA)
Ellie Reeves 87 (Labour First/Progress - LFP)
Ken Livingstone 86 (GRA)
Christine Shawcroft 86 (GRA)
Luke Akehurst 75 (LFP)
Johanna Baxter 72 (Independent - IND)
Peter Wheeler 61 (LFP)
Peter Willsman 57 (GRA)
Kate Osamor 39 (GRA)
Ruth Smeeth 36 (LFP)
Darren Williams 33 (GRA)
Joanne Milligan 33 (LFP)
Florence Nosegbe 32 (LFP)
Gary Heather 25 (GRA)
Lewis Atkinson 16 (IND)
Shaukat Ali 11 (IND)
John Wiseman 1 (IND)
Narinder Matharoo 2 (IND)
Lynda Rice 2 (IND)
Zahida Abbas Noori 2 (IND)
Darrell Goodliffe 1 (IND)
Theresa Griffin 1 (IND)
Daniel Zeichner 1 (IND)
John Wiseman 1 (IND)
Maria Fyfe 1 (IND)
Shakir Ali 1 (IND)
Tariq Saeed 1 (IND)

The nominations deadline in 30th March.
The OMOV ballot is likely to run from 25th May to 13th June. Labour members can each cast up to six votes.

Another way to look at it is the percentage of last time's total nominations that each of us has already received (e.g. Ann Black 138/275×100).

This is a crude measure of the change in popularity of candidates since 2010 relative to each other:

Johanna Baxter 110.7%
Luke Akehurst 90.4%
Christine Shawcroft 53.8%
Ann Black 50.2%
Ellie Reeves 47.8%
Pete Wheeler 46.2%
Pete Willsman 41.6%
Ken Livingstone 36.6%

Let me know here if you are supporting me: http://www.luke4nec.org.uk/register-your-support/ -in this very close election I need your support if you support what I stand for and the work I am doing for the Party.


Blogger Jim Jepps said...

The change in nominations stats are interesting but they do tend to suggest that there are less nominations all round this time (less interest?)

Not surprised Ken's are down though as last time it was part of the Ken vs Oona campaign and this time he's got bigger things on his mind... I guess

7:04 pm, March 16, 2012

Anonymous Mike said...

Jim - you mean being beaten by Boris for the second time in a Labour city?

12:59 pm, March 21, 2012


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