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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Labourlist column

My labourlist column today is about Labour's lost 5 million voters:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luke makes some good points.
However, he should recognise that winning elections is not simply about policies.

The Republican Party is a very clear example of how it is possible to win elections despite most people opposing your policies.

There are other factors at work.
Take Ed Miliband as an example. Now, there is somebody who is generally very competent and that helps a great deal. That distinguishes him very clearly from Kinnock.

The way that a candidate looks and speaks is very important too. That is why I have, in the past, pointed out that Miliband needed to address his 'cartoon' mouth.
Well, he has. So that's not a problem now.

If he has not done so already, Luke needs to read Drew Westen's book "The Political Brain"

1:01 pm, June 28, 2012


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