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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NEC Report

My latest NEC report is online here:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We also need to address negatives about Labour on immigration, welfare and fiscal responsibility."

Labour can demonstrate fiscal responsibility by opposing the £100 billion Trident nuclear status symbol. Incidentally, the French are now questioning theirs.

2:34 pm, July 18, 2012

Anonymous Andrea said...

is the trigger ballot for MEPs conducted at CLP level (rather than ward branches), right? How many CLPs does a MEP need to win it? is 50.01% enough or is the threshold higher?

As for "One of the top two incumbent places must be a woman", considering there aren't regions with more than 2 sitting Labour MEPs, it's a bit of a non issue unless there are some defections to Labour in the next year.

Regarding Police Commissioners election, even assuming that the Tories will have a big boost in these particular contests by the fact they are still often seen as the "Law and Order" party other the other considerations you have made, I think just 8 wins for Labour would still be a pretty poor results. It would mean winning less authorities than those carried in 2010 GE vote (and 2012 locals)

3:33 pm, July 18, 2012


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