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Saturday, December 01, 2012

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Anonymous Richard said...

I'm very pleased that Labour have managed to achieve this recovery in such a short period of time.

Against all the odds Labour have managed to fight of Cameron's huge media machine and convince millions of voters that Labour does actually offer something other than cuts and tax cuts for the super wealthy.

The Autumn statement is around the corner and the government is once again sold its economic policy as being tough on the wealthy but as we see the detail it looks like the poorest are taking the brunt.

More benefit cuts and in particular this time it will be those people on low wages. These are the people we should be sheltering but instead we are punishing the lowest paid sector and in my opinion some of the hardest working. So much for making work pay.

I fear for the future of this country as we appear to be heading down a very dangerous road. Food banks, housing crisis, debt, homelessness, fuel poverty and falling wages.

This government is purposely destroying living standards and opportunity.

10:01 pm, December 03, 2012


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