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Friday, February 07, 2014

Council by-elections

There were just four council by-elections yesterday, with no seats changing hands.

Betws yn Rhos Ward, Conwy UA. Ind 347 (46%, +2.7), PC 197 (26.1%, -1.8), Ind 127 (16.8%, +16.8), Con 83 (11%, +11). Swing of 2.3% from PC to Ind since 2012.

Arbourthorne Ward, Sheffield MBC. Lab hold. Lab 1398 (52.2%, -10.1), UKIP 482 (18%, +3.3), Con 213 (8%, -0.1), TUSC 204 (7.6%, +7.6), LD 161 (6%, -1.4), Green 143 (5.3%, -2.1), Eng Dem 75 (2.8%, +2.8). Swing of 6.7% from Lab to UKIP since 2012.

Peter Bruff Ward, Tendring DC. Con hold. Con 271 (38.1%, -3.2), Lab 180 (25.3%, +1.5), UKIP 153 (21.5%, +21.5), LD 108 (15.2%, -19.9). Swing of 2.4% from Con to Lab since 2011.

St John’s Ward, Tendring DC. Con hold. Con 423 (44.4%, +2.5), Lab 272 (28.6%, -2.9), UKIP 208 (21.8%, +21.8), Ind 49 (5.1%, +5.1). Swing of 2.7% from Lab to Con since 2011.


Blogger Dan Filson said...

Except in Sheffield, just 76 or fewer votes changing between the winning party/candidate and the runner-up would have changed the result. However voters need to think their vote in a by-election makes a real difference, most times it does not if the control of the authority is not at stake. This might mean a case could be made for some form of deputy or co-option system to avoid the cost of by-elections. Of ocurse, the by-election may replace a dead-wood councillor with a much better one, but the opposite may happen of a thoroughly good ocuncillor being replaced by whoever is available at short notice or whoever seems electable, even if mediocre. I presume that in all 4 by-elections, the whole council does not come up for election in May as otherwise no by-election would have taken place.

5:47 pm, February 07, 2014

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Sheffield result is interesting. UKIP starting off with quite a good vote but not making much progress.

That shows that this awful party can be thwarted if opposed vigorously.

11:16 am, February 08, 2014

Anonymous Alan Ji said...

Dan, the majority is 916

4:08 pm, February 09, 2014


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